Wednesday, October 4, 2006

i can fly

i love the magic in SL that allows us to experience things like flying and well really anything our imagination can conceive. in this photo, i was wearing amazing wings created by lynnix muse and jewels by sky everett... i pulled out my limited edition gown "top" the stand alone one, and put in on with the most worn jeans i could find, my current faves, the ones from "barerose". i love the mixing of ripped and torn jeans with a beautiful shirt... something about that look is warm, and fun and cozy to me. i sorta giggle to myself that i did a "limited" when i was so new at selling clothes, (like 2 months?) and i thought, well 100 items should be "limited enough, lol... doing the math, hahaha. well now, 5 months later or so i have a few left... which has been good for people who wanted to save up for one, and for new people just finding out i make clothes, so i guess 100 turned out to be a nice number. i'm working on a new limited, and trying to figure how many to make... comments welcome :) xoxo, caLLie

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