Wednesday, November 8, 2006


is it bliss???

i love these new jeans, hope you do too... i spent a lot of time decorating them and stuff, and they come with a matching prim "belly button™" so that you have that little extra detail if you want it ;).

i'm wearing with the jeans, jackal ennui's new "eva" shoes... a sheer top from "pan jen" (oops!) and my necklace is from "shiny things". in my store i've set up a display with the shoes and necklace right there!!! yay!

i hope you like these, they come in a max pack too for all of you who ALWAYS buy all colors ;) this way you can save about $350!! yay.

(oh for some reason the picture with all the colors came out way brighter than the jeans are, they are not that LOUD!!! somehow the pic just got a lot brighter ;)

oh, hair is by "naughty designs" skin, as always, "hybrid 2" by nevermore... and... i think that's all.



p.s. i'm opening up a little shop called "bliss" too, so this is the first of what's to come for that ;)

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