Friday, November 10, 2006

caL gaLs roCk!!!

ok, what can i say??? I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS!!! so here is a pic from a recent little get together we had ;) and for the first time I CRASHED so many ppl showed up!!!

after most ppl left, and we started rezzing, hehe, we decided to pose for a little "diva" pic, hehe, and of course everything didn't rez all the way, hence some grey hair and blurry clothing...


you "funky caL gaLs" rock and i can't wait to do some of the stuff we talked about!!!

and all the good girls were in my clothes, hehe, JK... rez issues!!! so everyone in this pic but 2 aren't!!!

i'm wearing a new sweater i just made with "snow ball" hair by guRL 6... which I LOVE!!! hehe... and so i dont leave anyone out, i won't say who's in the pic, cuz i get you all confused sometimes!!!

but i'm the 4th from the left ;)...

kk, love ya all!!




Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you Cal and sure was a lot of fun. Have a wonderful night, hope to do it again soon! :)


Jeza said...

Looks like it was a blast!!
Wish I could have been there for that!!

Oh, I stuck a couple pics up on my blog for ya caLLie! He he he