Monday, November 27, 2006

"designer mix-n-match"

i LOVE LOVE LOVE when is see my customers wearing MY stuff mixed with other stuff, we really have ENDLESS possibilities in our lil ol' inventories!!! (yes we do AG!!!) so i decided to make a regular posting of "my" stuff mixed with other pieces that i have actually bought, (or was given ;) and show you some ways you can wear things i've made with things other designers have made. make sense?

so for my first "designer mix-n-match" will be "delacline" (shai delacroix + caLLie cLine)

so above i've mixed in the first model, shai delacroix's wonderful new shearling coat with my "forever sweater" and a pair of my signature jeans. GuRL6's "swept" hair with my knit cap and nylon pinky's 'old man' glasses give this a very "classy casual" look.

on model 2, i went a bit more "sophisticated" pairing the coat with my "forever sweater" in 14K with the 18K neck to sort of blend in with the beads and jewels on my "bliss" jeans. the ETD updo hair really looks hot i think. and this look is a lot more "chic".

so there are just 2 possibilities for your own "mix-n-match" fun.



shai's coast are available at "casa del shai" in deimos, my sweaters/jeans are available at "caLLie cLine" in the FUNK square in plush lambda.

(oh btw, the boots really make BOTH these looks HOT. they are not for sale inworld as the person who made them isn't playing SL anymore, BUT... i'm trying to work out something to be able to make them available inworld. cross your fingers!)

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Ally Geer said...

Endless inventory possibilities..... US? Nah! :D