Sunday, November 26, 2006

that time of year...

yes, it's that time of year... excitement, stress, joy, pain, wonder, disillusionment, hope, despair... all those things and more happen at this time of year... i am trying for the joyful and hopeful times, but know that the reality is that many around me are going through hard times, including my customers and friends in SL...

so... to help a bit, i've decorated my shop like an ice palace, out front are free snowflakes that twinkle and glow, free for all my group memebers...

today i had a "5 minute free" sale, and it was so wonderful to meet with so many of you, and meet a LOT of new •funky caL gaLs• i really do love to meet my customers... you all are so much fun, and anyway, we took a pic with the "lucky santa" in the picture... we're not all rezzed, but, aftr 15 minutes, this was as good as it got! we even had a cool guy join us! wooot!

the other pic is of my store, all decoated for christmas... come ice skate if you have nothing to do, it glows at night ;)

xoxo, caLLie


Anonymous said...

Man that sucks I missed it =(

p.s. i know it's christmas session when the Sims Christmas edition comes out ha

Jeza said...

Thank you Callie!!
That was fun!! I love the sweater combo's too!! 4 down.. a bunch more to go :P
If anybody hasn't been out to see them, definately needs to! There sooo cute, and such a great price for everything you get =D
Thanks for the Fun!!!


Anonymous said...

awwww I didn't get a notice about I missed it.

Love you and your work, Callie :)

gillian waldman