Wednesday, January 24, 2007

caLLie cLine on the Champs-Élysées

when i was invited to choose my shop on the new "Champs-Élysées" in the new "paris 1900" sim, i was thrilled. with so many great locations, the "mayor" of paris, Chris Darke, encouraged me to choose the one by the Eifel Tower, (where people can jump, with a free parachute) and after an hour of wandering around, i finally took his suggestion!

i really love what they have done on this sim... the "moulin rouge" club is great and it even has the big "elephant" which you can go into and it's a funky "smoking" room.

there is a museum which will regularly showcase art, and the whole sim was dreamt up and built by RL french residents!!!

it's well worth a visit and i'm excited to have been invited to have a shop. it's quite an honor and i want to show you a picture of it!!!

modeling for the FIRST time for me, is my lovely SL daughter, Aradia Dielli... we even sorta look alike, hehe... if you get a chance it's a great fun place to visit, and if you speak french or want to meet french people, it's most certainly a place to go... oh i just learned, "hello" is "salut"



madame caLLie

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Unknown said...

LOVE your glasses!
I went to Paris 1900 but I couldn't find the Champs... :|