Thursday, January 25, 2007

caLLiefornia here i come!!!

hey everyone!!! i'm so excited about so many things happening!!! but wanted to announce i will be moving my store soon, to my new sim, called:


i can't wait to open it, and it will be home not only to my store, but also my new brand "tomboy" which i have collaborated on with tuli asturias of ::lollypop::, six kennedy of gurl six, and jackal ennui, of Lassitude and Ennui...

also on the sim so far, Lollypop, my "home" store, my new men's store, "mainLine", and a few surprises ;)

it's been fun, furious and frantic, and i really can't wait to invite you all to a bit of "caLLiefornia"

more to come all week about some very very did i say VERY exciting things!!!!!



1 comment:

Unknown said...

*hugs* hi callie! <3 <3
i checked out calliefornia a bit and it looks *awesome* =)

you have any space for rent? i'm thinking of getting a little house there or something, or maybe a small storefront. i'm not sure yet.

Summer Seale

p.s. you and KD are my fave designers <3