Saturday, February 10, 2007

SL fashion on YOU TUBE!!! paper couture • caLLie cLine • simone

here's the link to the you tube clip from the iVilllage fashion show on monday. i hope you all like it, i think it's pretty cool and i like how forseti made it.... i saw a LOT more than i did that day! and yes, that's the REAL life arianna huffington wearing my "limted edition" serendipity grace gown (i still have a few left cuz when i made them i was new and thought 100 was a "small" number, hehe)

i was honored that arianna wanted me to dress her, lol, wow, how funny is that? i've "officially" dressed a celebrity, hehe, that's so funny cuz i always think of the oscars or grammy's and joan rivers asking ppl, "who are you wearing???" and then telling them how pretty they look, then ripping them apart later, hahaha.

but i won't do that cuz i think both arianna and cider starbrook looked "lovely" wearing "me" hahaha.

how funny, yes, in SL, you can be anything you want, even a designer who dresses "celebrities", hehe.

which brings to mind the first "celebrity" i ever met in SL, "celebrity trollop" at hair faire last year, when i was just starting out!!! she was there too and looking beautiful as always.

anyway, hope you all enjoy the clip..



p.s. new stuff from the show will be released this week!!! yay! some in time for valentine's day!


Anonymous said...

absolutely brilliant production. forseti svarag: number one genius videographer.

Ida said...

Forseti is SO cool. And it's nice to see the complete outfits. I DID see the giant caLLie gift boxes (yay rainboa)! Thanks again, caLLie.