Wednesday, February 7, 2007

iVillage Fashion Show ••• fun, festive, fabulouS!!!!

wow, all i can say is WHAT A WEEK!!! AND WHAT AN AWESOME SHOW THIS WAS!!! now that my jitters are over, and nerves are calmed, i wanted to take a moment to post some pics i was able to snap BEFORE i CRASHED!!

well, i don't know where to start... it was just overall an amazingly fun experience, exhausting and exciting!

i've posted the best pics i had, and there are also great pics on the second style blog, and the aspire blog... and links in the comments to even more pics. there is also a show review at which is nice and has some great pics too.

i really enjoyed every design by my fellow designers who were showing, and i think what was cool was we all are so different in our styles and it was a great mix to see, from what i heard from the crowd, they agreed.

it was a lot of fun working with aspire on this, bianca darling, could NOT have been more wonderful to work with, same with the ivillage team, the level of professionalism was unprecidented, and i just can't say how enjoyable the entire experience was.

everyone, the models, desigers, builders, and hosts were just so gracious and fun to be with. i really count this as one of my SL highlights. and to see people showing up at 9am (sl time) (10 hours early) for a seat, added immensely to the excitement AND jitters!

here's a little collection of the photos i took... i regret not having any of simone's designs, which were so fun and lovely, but after crashing a few times, i was afraid to take another photo, so make sure to look at the above blogs to see her great stuff!!!

thanks to everyone who helped me prepare for this show... who encouraged me to do it, helped with ideas, pushed me, (i was super nervous) and who gave their support in so many ways... from flowers to kind notes, i can't tell you how much your support meant, so to, shane hornet, kiana dulce, tuli asturias, aradia dielli, bianca darling, ally geer, simone stern, cider starbrook, and my amazing customers who were so encouraging, thank you so much.

i'll be releasing my new outfits, shoes and accesories shown at this show very soon.

oh and a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to jackal ennui of "lassitude & ennui" for her amazing work and collaboration on my new monogram shoes, and jewelry, and a special thanks to livie galileo for her wonderful work on my new monogram boots. you both are wonderful.

enjoy the pics!!!




Alaska Metropolitan said...

Really fun show :) Too bad my poor computer couldn't handle it. Thanks again for the goody bag, Callie, I was so excited to find a Rainbowa in there!

Anonymous said...

Callie - great job! Love the swimsuit in particular :)

Kalia Meiklejohn said...

I must have the bubble dress...omg, hawt! I love the boots too...and the swimsuit...and...