Sunday, March 4, 2007

••• A STAR IS BORN!!! •••

OMG, when i was invited to get my very own STAR on the "walk of fame" i was just too excited to speak! i mean since i was a little girl, i loved walking down hollywood blvd. looking at all the stars..

i was even more shocked to see that fans had arrived to see me "get my star" even bianca darling, ceo of aspire magazine was there, and so many other notable people, can you pick them out??? ;)

the cement was ooie and gooie, wet and cold, i knew i'd have to shake a lot of hands afterwards so i so hoped it would wash off so i didn't get anyone dirty!

i was a bit tongue tied when i was asked to give a little speech afterwards!!! but thankfully, my little pal, aradia aridian, joined me on stage, you know she's the real star ;) look how cute she is!!!

speaking of stars... the first one to post on this blog which band sang this song... will win a 1K gift card... :)

"you can see all the stars as you walk along hollywood boulevard...
some that you recognize, some that you've hardly even heard of.."

it was great to have so many of my 'caL gaLs' there to celebrate... they always make me smile, and they are the best group of gaL's i know... i'm constantly honored and amazed at how kind and cool they are... and they are a LOT of fun!!!

so i just had to share with you all this very exciting event!!! thanks to all who made it possible, in this order, "mad" maddie camus, bianca darling, dick clark, arnold shwartzgigger, bariyln bonroe, oddree hipburn, ball booman, lucille doll, martyn ScoreSaysHe, francis pontiac copacola, and all the rest, you know who you are!!!



p.s. check out the new AOL sim... and YOU TOO CAN BE A STAR JUST LIKE ME!!! HAHAHAH
this was a silly way to blog how cool the sim is, lots of fun stuff to do, and it's AOL pointe ;)... thanks to the caL gaLs who showed up and participated... YOU ARE THE STARS!!!! XOXOXOX, caLLie


Anonymous said...

People who worked and suffered and struggled for fame
Some who succeeded and some who suffered in vain

- Celluloid Heroes by the Kinks -

Anonymous said...

I love the pics and I look forward to see the others. Giggle.

Thanks again dear

Now back to the Kinks

Anonymous said...

ty callie! *hugs*

~*~ said...

Thanks for the giggle, CalGal :)


Unknown said...

That's great! I went there and got my star. :)