Friday, April 27, 2007


hi eveyrone, here's my column in this weeks avastar ( i hope you like it!

again the paper this week is full of great info, i have NO clue still how they find out all they do about the everygrowing, "changing-at-the-speed-of-light" (CATSOL) world of SL. (hey did i make up a new wordy thing like LOL?) haha, doubt it.

I found a lot of cool events happening this weekend including the TRAVEL SIM - STA opening!!! woo hoo! it's a great sim, and i was honored to be invited to put out a few of my things in their little clothing shop, some other cool people have stuff in there like sol columbia of luminosity (*waves* "hi sol") and toast bard, and some other folks, i set up first so i don't remember who else, but there are some GREAT freebies there too like a super cool back pack, in lots of colors and you must check it out.

I've been working super hard on the sim with Kiana, and can't believe we're gonna open in just a couple weeks. It's CRAZY...

oh btw, this is my first article in the AVASTAR that features a guy AV!!! yes, i will be covering men too in the column, but you know, "ladies first"... wondering if i should tell who he is... "yet", as you'll be seeing his face a lot in the near future... my people are still talking to his people though, working out all those modeling contract detail thingys...

ok, well i guess that's all for now... have a great weekend.




Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Hi caLLie! Have you notice that I am in the same page...?


Claudine Jewell said...

hi callie you look hot with the goth skin and clothes have to try that out too xoxo

caLLie cLine said...

ana, i did notice, that's so cool!!! and claudine, ty so much... i bet you'll look great as a "goth" girl!



Unknown said...