Friday, April 20, 2007

••• SLCN.TV, Starr Sonic & stuff •••

This week was a pretty full one for me... lots of stuff happened and i got more things done on the sim, so we're getting closer to opening!!! (i can tell i won't be as ready as i hoped, but, that's ok... it's time to just "do it", and it will always be a work in progress)


the host of "" contacted me and asked if I would be her exclusive "wardrobe" person, and after watching her show, i had to say YES!!! it's a really cool show, short, informative and is LIVE, which is cool! i like her little "intro" and her accent is really nice too... make sure to check it out on (she's covering the tech convention this weekend so if you go, you can say hi to her there, "Starr Sonic", oh btw, she wears Ms. Bizzie in the intro :)


The new "motorati girlz" beach club is coming along wonderfully, and i am SO excited and want to have a little party when it opens for my group, (and friends too) and then, i believe it will be host to a VERY BIG party and event in mid may, which will come with some exciting news! anyway, the build is sorta "resortish" in vibe which is fine with me!!! in fact, i was telling my building partner, "i wanna live here!"

it's still in the partial "SL plywood" phase but coming along... it will be fun when it's all done, i've asked a few people to have little shops on the "board walk" and i really hope it proves to be a place where people can chill, swim, surf and just relax.


hmmm what else... oh here is this weeks "AVASTAR" column, i've been asked by a few of you to post it, so i will, and i'd encourage you all to read the paper, it comes out every friday, and it is FULL of really informative stories, news, advice, and GREAT EVENTS that i have no clue how they hear of them!!! it's a very "easy read" the articles are all short, but really full of info and no matter what you are into, there's something in there for you. i write just a small piece for their fashion section, which i learn a LOT from.. (not my piece but the other stuff in the section) so is the llink!


oh ya one final note, next week, i will be making a super super exciting announcement!!


oh and on a more somber note... the response to the VTech shirts has been beyond overwhelming. i can't even begin to tell you how many people have given, sent im's about how their own lives were effected by this tragedy and there have been some very large donations by some wonderful people, a few of whom have been well known and respected designers. my heart has been warmed over and over again, if you have not gotten a shirt, or sent a photo of yourself in one (to be used in the collage i will send to the school) please try to get me a photo... the more the better.... i know this will be just one thing that will give those who are mourning a little comfort. thank you again to all of you who have participated and shared some very personal stories, and to those who are comforting those in this tragic time.

thank you to ben vanguard for featuring it on his blog for men...




Claudine Jewell said...

so many great news wooot
have to check out the avastar now love your column and oh yea have a super duper great weekend

caLLie cLine said...

you're welcome claudine!!! i need to mosy over to your blog now and catch up ;)

have a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

Callie you're a star! Love your blog and of course your style! Can't wait for Calliefornia! :)

Chat soon,