Sunday, May 6, 2007

fallying into sunday fun.... word!

sometimes all work and no play makes caL a duLL gaL... so it was to my delight that i spent a lil bit-o-time with a cool friend of mine ms. fally wally do da day... or the uber creative and cool "fallingwater cellardoor" of "shinythings"...

she's prolly the only one in SL who yells at me, and lets me yell back, and she likes to be really mean to me, haha, and visa versa... BUT, lest this start any rumors of "wars", it's ALL in good fallywally, fun... and i adore her... and she tolerates me i think, hahaha.

so anyhoo... upon complimenting her on her great look, and her pat benetar hair, i had to break out my geetar and sing, "you're a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker" to her, and i really should sang, "hit me with your best shoes..." and she broke out the uke and then i invited her over to see the new beach club at motorati land (velocity sim) and we jittered over to the dance floor (lag issues) and i snaped a shot of her, hehe... so anyway, it was a nice time, and a good refresher... (oh oh oh, and just WAIT until you see the new shoes she's made!!!!)

oh ya, then, i went to my new shop at the L Word sim, (ty for inviting me BTW) and did a bit of work, it's such a cool build over there... some cool people just set up shop, simone, nyte n day, calla, me, and i'm not sure who else... but i was honored to be asked...

ok well, back to work for me...



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