Monday, May 7, 2007

weiner mobile, jingles and food!!!

hey gaLs... remember the footage we shot for "phil's" supermarket? well the food sim opened today and it was such fun... the footage is on you tube that we did, and will be shown all over and food fares and stuff... but anyway, this morning when i saw the oscar mayer weiner mobile outside of the grocery store, i was so so so so excited!

i broke out my lil pink guitar and sang the oscar mayer jingle, and anyhoo, you gotta go over and see the weiner mobile, hahaha... it's funny... there are some GREAT food freebies all over the shop and you can eat till your hearts content and my clothing will still fit you!!! yay!!!

can't say that for real life now can we?

oh, well just a fun post to say... "oh i wish i were an oscar mayer weiner..."




1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OMG callie, is that the biggest weenie you've EVER SEEN??? how does one even get her hands AROUND a weiner like that?? and her, uh, oh never mind. now i'm hungry