Sunday, June 24, 2007

the beauty of silent sparrow

i had the immense honor to model in the silent sparrow show held on ASpiRE isle on saturday. to say i was thrilleld is an understatement. one can just feel the love, creativity, and feeling that Hyasynth Tiramisu puts into her creations and being intrusted to show those on a stage was an honor and SCARY!!!!

all the models looked so gorgeous in these clothes, it reminded me of opening up a treasure chest old and weathered and finding inside, ancient raw sparkling gemstones from emeralds to rubies, aquamarines to amethysts... the colors she showed were splendid... i felt like a princess in one outfit, and and indescibable feeling in the other.

here are some shots to share with you all

first the lovely and talented Hyasynth Tiramisu:

some of the models in our first run outfits:

the finale with hyasynth saying a touching ty to everyone and inviting them to a party at her new sim

a back stage photo i took with the amazingly talented and kind, hyasynth

a photo i shot of me in her "batty outfit" showing the lovely neclace by lucas lamenth of earthtones

and the most adorable outfit you must see it, this photo does not do it justice! the hat is amazing as well as the boots...

i had a wonderful experience, and the crowd seemed to love her things. i know i sure did!

hyasynth, i wish you all the best and thank you for all the love you pour into your work and sharing it with us.




Anonymous said...

it was such a look out on the stage and see my clothing so beautifully presented.As a designer I've become used to seeing myself in my creations *grins* but rarely does one get to see so many lovely ladies decked out so. Everyone did such an amazing job. It was such a smooth, stress-free experience. (except those tickly oh god I have to speak in public butterflies!) Congrats on your Aspire Modeling Debut! and many more fun shows to come I hope! ~hya

Tenshi said...

Hyasynth is just too cool :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, the outfits look wonderful! It sounds like everyone had a fun time.

Anonymous said...

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Stephanie Misfit said...

Gorgeous pics caLLie, you look too cute in the Batty outfit! I missed the show but the after party was a blast, Hyasynth is an extremely talented and delightful lady :)

Anonymous said...

What hair are you wearing in the "batty" picture that really shows the necklace? It's so cute! I have to get it!

caLLie cLine said...

the hair is rocker girl by tami mc coy!!! it's an older style i think but it's cool. (i think that's the name of it)