Monday, June 18, 2007

crazy • busy • fun • frantic • sunshine!

just a quick update... it's been a very crazy few weeks, gearing up for an exciting project which goes live on wednesday, opening tomboy, getting the home store ready to open, the "caffeine au go-go" club ready for some fun events, and a dozen other things... i think somewhere in all this i need a 3rd life!

i just wanted to give you a quick update... there will be some really exciting things i'll be announcing in the next few days, (unless someone else does first) and i just wanted to let you all know!

a few promotions have been delayed, but they WILL be happening in the VERY near future!!! thanks to all of you who have been so patient!!!! (f.a.)

i'm excited about all the cool opportunities that have come my way, the great people i've had the honor of collaborating with, and of course my always wonderful customers who really seem like a big group of friends.

summer starts in just 3 days!!! can you all believe it???

take some time to "soak up some sun", "let the sunshine in", and be the "sunshine" of someone's life.... and of course, have a "good day sunshine" too... and remember "sunshine on your shoulders makes you happy"... ok, now you can see i am officially "goofy" and i'll stop before i start singing "sunshine day" by the brady bunch...

oh i think i'll go for a walk outside now.... (opps too late)



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