Tuesday, June 19, 2007

modeling, maxim, motorati and ASPIRE!!!

since biance announced this, lol... i guess i should too!

long time ago, when i joined SL, i started as a photographer... it was fun... then i was asked to model a few times for people before i began doing clothing, and then after i had fun modeling for other people too... kiana dulce was the first designer i modeled for and emma gilmore, long time ago (of sand and surf shack co) had me do a bit of modeling, and i have always liked having other people let me model their things...

doing most of my own modeling for my clothing, it's on the rare occasion i get to model for others and in the last few months each time i have had that opportunity... I HAVE LOVED IT!!! so after doing the maxim shoot, some modeling for ciera of vitamin c, doing the loreal pagent, and some other stuff I HAD SUCH A BLAST, i wanted to do more!!! it was a lot of fun and more "play" than work, (though it IS work!!!)

so i'm happy to announce that i have signed on with "Aspire" as a MODEL!!! yay!

i remember picking up their first issue, and getting chills after opening the first page and reading about their vision and seeing the passion that was so obviously poured into that first issue... never in a zillion years, did i think i would be given the honor to carry the "aspire" name!!! i'm so excited..

so what does it mean??? well, i'm not that sure, hahaha, well i'm a bit sure of a few things!!! bianca has to pay me big bucks and give me a limo and take me on exotic vacations, hahahah, and uh... stuff like that..


really it means i will be joining a team of wonderful women, led by the amazing bianca darling and trina nolan, and get to sort of "legitimize" a relationship that's slowly evolved... i love what aspire does, from the magazine to the fashion shows to the great events, i've never met such a dedicated group of women... and they are a heck of a lot of fun.

so i'm quite honored and humbled to be added to the team of talented ladies, and i can't WAIT to wear and model some amazing clothes made by my fellow designers whether it be in shows or print, i'm just thrilled to have this opportunity!

thanks bianca, trina, and the rest of the team!!!



p.s. here's a recent photo bianca, ally and i did for an up and coming project!!!


Anonymous said...

I need to start this comment off with, WOW!!!

Gee Callie your hypocrisy knows no bounds, does it? What I should have said was "incredible" it just amazes me you will stoop to any level in your gut wrenching need and desire to be the biggest name in second life. From taking advantage of the Virginia tech shootings for your very own personal gains to your out right blatant copying of others work down to reselling of freebie items packed in with your swim suits.

Just so there's no mistake in this, any one can go and buy your swim suits and find the freebie items packed within. You are making a profit off others hard work to make it look like the customer gets more. While you really cant build to save your life to continue in your quest of greed you have some poor girl copying peoples stuff, from builders like Juro Kothari. Your entire home collection, or should I say Maddie's home collection? It’s an exact replica of Juro's furniture.

Callie a model with Aspire! A.K.A. Asspire wow its so amazing how one of your closest friends puts you in with her group. You two are as thick as thieves and a pack of back stabbing, my shit does not stink, hypocritical bunch of bitches. Yes, that word seems appropriate for this point in time. I could probably come up with a few more. As far as Bianca goes I am so not even going to open up that can of worms unless I have too.

Callie modeling other designer’s clothes? Your desire of competition runs so thick you can not even see how retarded this is. Why the hell would a designer want to model someone else's work? Yeah I can see Nicky Ree modeling someone else's clothes, NOT!

You Callie Cline are a mediocre designer at best. If you spent half the energy you use in your quest to be better than others by stooping to any level, then maybe you could be a good designer. Spend more time working on clothes and less time as a back stabbing hypocritical bitch, maybe then you would be half as good as a Simone, Nicky Ree or Vindi. Although I feel you would make a better politician. You are out there on the left coast you make a perfect Liberal I bet you could even beat out Hillary Clinton. Your head is so full of air that if it ever popped it would take down half the asset serves that run second life we would have a total melt down of the gird.

Sad thing is you have reached your so called "success" by kissing ass and backstabbing others when they aren't around. Stop being and idiot and start applying your skills to make new stuff, your items are old and tire. They belong in the free items section of your store for new people. Gee Callie, don't designers come up with new designs for spring, summer, and fall? At least once a year.

Callie get off your high horse and back down to earth with the rest of us. Make new stuff and accept the fact that you are not half as good as you think you are.

Claudine Jewell said...

Congratulations caLLie!!

Anonymous said...

Amen Anonymous! And wow, the magical mystical Aspire agency who never has room for more models just hired a designer? (If you want to call someone who peddles overpriced low quality unoriginal items a designer that is)

still trying to figure out how you made the Maxim list...hot?? really?

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! anon, (ya right, really anon...) you come off like a real hard ass but I can see you're really quite sensitive aren't you?

Things not going well for you? Would you like us to call you a "whambulance"?

The fact you went ON and ON and ON shows that you are in some serious need of hormone therapy.

My intial take after reading this is:


Callie Cline was in Maxim, has given tons to many in SL, and your words show you have a bit too much time on your hands and perhaps forgot a dose of your meds?

What have YOU ever done??? Guess we won't know since you, Ms. BACKSTABBER, don't even have the balls to state your real name, but don't worry... actually DO worry...

what you've said here, under 'anon' has been heard a LOUD in SL, and don't think you can trust those you're spewing your venom to.

The Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

anonymous #1 said:

"Callie get off your high horse and back down to earth with the rest of us."

The rest of who? Cowards who write scathing tripe like this, full of jealousy and bile, who don't even have the balls to sign their name to it?

If you're going to write some self-righteous piece of crap, then have the dignity to sign it, and don't be foolish enough to lump yourself in with people who are supposedly down to earth.

Having known Callie outside of here for quite some time, and -knowing- how sincere she is in her community efforts, I was going to respond with a few things to correct the malicious fabrications you stuffed this thing full of. Thing is, I think you've done a fine job of discrediting yourself, and you really don't need my help.

Not sure what you design, but my guess is "ass hats" since you seem to be wearing one quite well at the moment. As for giving advice on how other designers should give up their high opinions of themselves and get on with the business of designing, perhaps take some of that advice yourself and stay out of the blogging business.

Sue Stonebender,
-not- anonymous.

Claudine Jewell said...

First i thought i dont respond to this comment but Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous this is so rude and mean and just wrong i feel sorry that you have so much hate inside of you

Anonymous said...

Ok so lets have a look at this. Callie Cline is given the job of aspire model just handed to her while all of the others worked there asses off . For some reason unknown to mankind for some job with asspire.

As far as callie in maxim was this not just one more thing the tri-fecta of bianca callie and trina snuck in with out telling any other model about??? Was it not second life girl???
Last time I checked it sure the heck did not say Callie Cline most people where clueless to who even second life girl was. Second rate girl is more fitting.

What have YOU ever done??? Guess we won't know since you, Ms. BACKSTABBER, don't even have the balls to state your real name, but don't worry... actually DO worry...

what you've said here, under 'anon' has been heard a LOUD in SL, and don't think you can trust those you're spewing your venom to.

The Fly On The Wall

1. What makes you think I am a miss you just assume on your part of cores thats befitting with asspire and all.
2. Unlike you bianca A.K.A. fly on the wall since you know nothing at all but how to ass kiss and receive. I don't have to worry about who I speak to just because you are a back stabber does not mean everyone is.

Dear sweet sue even friends can be blinded by the obvious I truly admire you for coming to the defense of your friend but I bet if you did a little looking around and asking the right questions you will also find out what I say is true.

Still Anonymous

Aradia Dielli said...

I'd have to agree with Claudine, must be sad to have so much hate in your heart. If you have something against her...why not tell her in world? The things you say are rude and cruel, not exactly sure what you base your accusations on, but I honestly think you're mistaken.

Anonymous said...

HEY ANON!!! (and friends)

Callie is NOT just a designer!!! DUH!!! She's a columnist, MODEL (look at her blog profile), BRAND consultant, and MORE...

Just because her designs have brought her some attention, doesn't negate other thing she does as well.

She's an industrious, creative, smart, kind and pleasant person from all I've heard and I've run with the "biggest in SL", who, like Callie, are quite humble about their accomplishments.

I've only heard the jealous whiners say shit like this behind her back... not respectable people I know.

Best to you ANON... you need some help... and maybe you should quit designing so much and be nice to people and maybe you'll get invited to the party you feel so left out of.


Anonymous said...

LMAO ANON, I don't post anonymously. I have no problem writing my name down to accompany my thoughts. If I DO happen to buy your clothing in SL, send me an IM so I can cease doing so as soon as possible if I haven't already ;o) Since you know me soooo well I'm sure you don't want me wearing your clothing either. Oh, and let me guess, you have never been covered by our magazine....
Bianca Darling

Anonymous said...


I'm very serious. Anons. comments are slanderous and libel. If I were you, I would make note of this, and pursue all action possible.

If you're not up for that. Just remember ANYTIME someone has some success, the first to come out are the haters.

Has happened since day one.

There are so many untrue things in that post, that could cause potential harm to your business.

I hope you and Bianca have some good legal counsel, and If not, I'll buzz you inworld to let you know why this is not just a "nasty person" but someone who intentionally is misrepresenting facts and lying about you.

(Yes, I've done a bit of sleuthing after reading this)

Anon, look up the word "exact" AND then go look again, oh while you're at it, might wanna "inspect" the items you think are "copied" some of caLLies were made BEFORE Juro's!

caLLie I remember when you modeled those little sweater things for Emma who was BRAND new, hmmm didn't you also tell Celebrity Trollop about her to help her?

Why pray tell did YOU do that caLLie! tsk tsk ;) modeling other designer's things, bad, bad, caLLie! LOL.

caLLie dear, if this wasn't honestly full of slander, I just would say, have a good laugh girl and go on.

And for your copied designs... thank GOD you don't copy the wonderful world of "wrinkles, shading, and cookie cutter dribble coming out as "haute couture", yes people, get your facts right, a "haute couture piece is a ONE OF A KIND piece"...

caLLie you're a fun girl, full of life, excitment and who's stretching the status quo of what a "designer" should be in SL, I for one am sick of the same shit every week, coming out with a quick new "texture" and well you know dear.

And hmmm, from what I remember you designing is just one of the things you do, I for one am happy to see you continue to model, you're gorgeous!

Funny when you have success, people love to think they know what you think of your self, it's pure jealousy babe, just know that.

I've met many a designer in SL, and YOU my dear are the most down to earth, even self depriciating at times, and in my opinion, not even aware of how talented you are. Multifacted, fun and you GO GIRL!

From a huge fan and fellow "designer" who saw your potential from day one and is thrilled about your success!

All the best to you!

(name with held to protect caLLie lest more untrue rumors fly, it's your time to shine girl)

p.s. anon, really you need to get a grip, waste this venom and jealousy and put that into a nice new outfit, and hey, maybe caLLie will model it for you! Maybe THEN you might get the success YOU SO WANT THAT YOU'D STOOP SO LOW AS TO TEAR DOWN SOMEONE ELSE, SERIOUSLY ANON, TIME TO LET IT GO. DEEEEP BREATH, IT'S OK, YOU'RE SIGNIFICANT. CALLIE'S "GAINS" ARE NOT YOUR LOSSES. IT'S REALLY OK.

Anonymous said...

Not to split hairs here, but as the Home Store has been being built for the last five months, consider the possibility that many of the items displayed were created before the supposed "original" had been released. If there are similarities between my work and anyone else's, it is purely unintentional.

While I am flattered and I appreciate that you think my work is in the same class as Juro's, please allow me to point out that I am not willing to sweep aside my integrity or tarnish my reputation by copying.

As far as being called "that poor girl" I would like to add that no one home gets built by one individual. One needs to build a team.

Every day there are real world business that use cooperative advertising and other types of campaigns to market themselves and their product.

Ever heard of the Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer or the Harley Davidson F-150 pick-up? Ever notice that Ralph Lauren doesn't market just one type of product? How is it that his Home line gets produced? Almost all of these things get built by a contractor.

I take no shame for being a part of real world business tactics as applied to SL.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Bianca why would I want your 2 bit magazine covering anything of mine.
So explain your self to all of the girls out there that busted their ass to be a part of your back stabbing hypercritical bunch. Why you over stepped them and made your best bud callie cline an ass-pire girl?
So tell them to their faces they worked their asses off and tried and put up with all your bull shit and for what nothing at all because you see bianca putting your best bud in over the girls that tried is just a slap in the face to them and just continues to show all of second life your true self.
So lets see bianca do you have the balls to tell all of the girl's their hard work meant shit squat as long as your best buds and an ass kisser you are a shoe in what a joke you really are.
Oh its the ass-pire great model search of 2007 it should be called the great ass kissing event of 2007.
Come girls work your asses off go through my ridicule so me and my buds can make fun of you mean while I will just put my good friend callie in she has not done shit but what the hell I am the great bianca and after all you are just a bunch of wannabe be ass-pire girls.
So bianca do you have the guts to tell them their work is now meaningless?? Or will you just blow it off and go tuff shit for them?

Anon, look up the word "exact" AND then go look again, oh while you're at it, might wanna "inspect" the items you think are "copied" some of caLLies were made BEFORE Juro's!

Maddie so nice of you to post and chime in and the person before you.
so tell us all dear Maddie who made what first huny??
* habitat by juro - anson patio chaise, blue stripe Thu Mar 22 21:42:11 2007
"Breeze" stripped Chaise (caramel) by caLLie cLine home Mon Apr 9 22:10:40 2007
nice how callie takes the credit and the money from your work so blind and young and ignorant.

So like I was saying about selling other peoples stuff
HULA SKIRT FOR FUNK BEACH PARTY - by caLLie cLine Creator Tuli Asturias Thu May 25 13:11:08 2006
SPARKLE EARING by caLLie cLine (LEFT EAR) there is also a right ear you have to have the matching set Creator Ryan Linden Wed Jul 02 18:51:31 2003
FUNK BEACH BALL by caLLIe cLine Creator Philip Linden Mon Apr 29 23:41:13 2002
SPARKLE SUNGLASSES by caLLie cLine Creator Barnesworth Anubis Wed Jul 13 14:57:26:2005
FUNK rideable innertube!!! by caLLie cLine Creator Ben Linden Thu Mar 11 21:13:55 2004

So tell us miss free bee reseller and you're friends who is lying and who is telling the truth or did I just make all of these inspect's up because I was bored with nothing else to do. You even labeled them by callie cline ha what a laugh its not by you its by someone else give credit where its do.
Oh yes I am sure you got permission from the lindens to resale there stuff they passed out to everyone for free. But maybe your just a capitalist and you think reselling of freebies with you as the so called creator is a-ok.

So my comments are slanderous and libel are they really or are they actually true anyone can go see for their selves. Oh yes please pursue all action possible call your lawyer call the FBI the CIA hell call Jessie Jackson and Hilary Clinton want there numbers Heck I will even go one step better here's my ip address ( track me down see who I am good luck with that.

Simply Anonymous

caLLie cLine said...

dear anon,

thank you for the opportunity to let me clarify your words about me selling freebies and things others made.

my "beach party" line of swimsuits was part of a fun, promotion done with kiana and tuli. kiana and i set up a big fun beach in our shop, put out things like water, beach balls, etc.

instead of simply selling a swimsuit, since it was called "beach party" kiana and i thought it would be fun to add some "free" items with the suit, as "free" gifts.

my business is called "caLLie cLine" hence everything i make i put, "by caLLie cLine" on it, as do most other sellers. we put our own textures on them as they were mod, and i was told, early on, this was "ok", if something is mod/copy/trans. and i did learn over time that people can always see the original creator even after you mod somthing, so that's cool, they get the credit.

also, i was told back then, and really haven't checked since, that "freebies" were ok to "give away" as gifts and honestly, i found out about the "innertoob" at a beach party i was invited to as well as the beach ball and was like "oh wow! i can't believe we had these (well the beach ball i think) in our inventories all along.

so in keeping with our "beach party" theme, i tried to find as much "free" stuff that was fun to add to the box, as well as the umbrella, radio, & towel that i made. the barnesworth glasses were purchases from barnes as a full perm version with the agreement i could use them and mod them to "give" away with any outfit i wanted, as well as make them "caLLie cLine" items. i believe those glasses also came with "summer breeze" a dress.

tuli made the hula skirt, i textured it to match my suits, and made a "hawaiian" version.

this is not "hidden" anyone can see who the "original creator" is.

also, since you brought this to my attention i also went to see what i had put in there almost a year ago, as my reputation and business ethic is very important to me.

there was also a "bottle of corona" which i put in, and i thought at the time any "free to copy" item was a "linden" item, but now learned that, that item was created by someone else, whom i have contacted and i will explain to them what you have brought to my attention.

additionally, my "pajama party" line came with some "freebies" some i made, some i did not. i now see i need to check the origin of those.

again, the "extra free stuff" in the beach party boxes were just fun things we thought girls who bought the suits my or may not like, but would make it sorta fun. i personally have enjoyed "gifts with purchase" or "free with purchase" or the little extras people have thrown in when i've bought something.

also, anon, i'd like to clarify, i put "by caLLie cLine" on everything as i read when i was new, it was very important to do that so when someone searches for things they bought from you, they can find it. i know for me i appreciate content creators who do so as i have things in my inventory from some great designers that i can't find to save my life as their names aren't on the item.

i think maddie's post clarifies things about the home store. i'm sure you understand that often things are worked on for months if not years before they are released.

it can apprear people "copied" when that was not at all the case. we just opened tomboy, and many of those items were created last fall. there was a very great chance something very similar might have been done.

again, thank you for giving me this opportunity to clarify on the "freebie" items included in the swimsuits.

caLLie cLine

Anonymous said...

anonymous said ...
Dear sweet sue ...

Oh, please don't. You are clearly not someone I want to think I may be associating with in any way outside of this post. Save the patronizing nonsense. I don't know what axe you have to grind (though your continued rants suggest at least one of them is being unsuccessful in an attempt to model for Aspire), but you really are stripping every shred of credibility you might have thought you had stepping into this in the first place. There's a whole lotta sour grapes going on.

And, since you appear to give yourself credit for being clever, perhaps you should think about substituting caution:

1) Yes, slander and libel. At this moment, if Callie was to share this with a lawyer, you've dug yourself quite a nice little legal hole with her, Bianca and Maddie at this point.

2) Nice tactic with the I.P. address. You obviously tossed that out there thinking that you were surfing in on something that isn't static and resets itself each time you log, and were not thinking about the IP address that your computer hardware itself has. That's just one of the things that has escaped your attention here. You've been messy, and there's more than one way to skin a cat. No matter how many different paths you surf in on, or tools that you use to mask yourself, you've been stupid enough to leave other footprints behind. A little less hubris and a little more smarts might keep you out of trouble, including not posting such self-congratulatory crap in the first place.

For someone that seems to think Callie is a two-bit hack, you certainly seem to be hanging on every word. You were the first person to respond when she posted this in her blog. You seem to own a lot of her things and know a lot about them, including when she releases and what. So what exactly is your purpose? Are you a designer, or self-appointed community evangelist here?

And since you seem to tip your hand in acknowledging knowing me in some other way, do us both a favour, and steer clear of me elsewhere. Since you don't have enough integrity to even sign your own name to these little rants, I don't expect you'd have enough character to officially disclose to me elsewhere, so how about you just keep a wide berth? (including contacting me again about this post, as you did in SL, no? Uh huh. Not too bright. Your words are footprints too ...)


Anonymous said...

Dear Darling Sweetie Honey Anonymous,

Do you know something about my company I don't? Are you aware of how many slots I have open for what? While you sit with your heart bleeding for all the POOR girls that are having a blast in our competition did it ever strike you that I may be aware of HOW MANY slots I have open to competitors. Did it also ever strike you that I make plans months in advanced? That there is ONLY one slot left because I had plans for another? No, I seriously doubt it. As a matter of fact, if I wanted to invite the remaining 4 competitors to become ASpiRE! Models, that would be my choice, and really, I would LOVE the keep them all. Unfortunately, because we have the plans we have for OUR COMPANY, there is only ONE SPOT OPEN TO COMPETITORS right now. I really doubt any of the girls that respect us enough to want to become part of our team have problems with our vision of our company. As a matter of fact, I have gotten comments from a ton of our girls, hired and still competing who think its AWESOME caLLie is our newly signed model. They happen to all be fans of hers.... Of course I don't expect anything like this has entered your mind, your thought process doesn't seem to be quite that well rounded.
By the way, friends who love and respect one another COLLABORATE and SUPPORT one another in their ventures. It has been happening since the beginning of time. I'm sure you yourself have your little collaborations going that were advantageous for all parties concerned. Get a grip honey bun. The more you post, the sadder it gets. Although I must say on a certain level, your hard on for us is quite flattering ;o)
Bianca Darling

Claudine Jewell said...

Ok now i need to say something about the Contest.....i was a contestant of the Model Search youre talking about....it was a great time i really had fun and everyone at Aspire has always been sweet, friendly and it was a great experience which i would not want to miss....i met very nice girls and made new friends...Aspire did a great Job and they can hire (or sign) whoever they like and hiring (signing) caLLie is wonderful so you need to get over it

Anonymous said...

* habitat by juro - anson patio chaise, blue stripe Thu Mar 22 21:42:11 2007
"Breeze" stripped Chaise (caramel) by caLLie cLine home Mon Apr 9 22:10:40 2007

LOL! those two products aren't ANYTHING alike. Allow me to correct you, anon..I believe you are thinking of my club chaise. If one is going to slam me, at least get it right! LOL

And btw the "Breeze" collection of which you speak was created : march 01 22:08 2007.

and the club chaise was created March 08 03:04 2007. I have the original in my inventory.

Anonymous said...

WOW! This is almost as good as SL itself, and WAY better than what's on my Tivo. I've never seen an anonymous poster with so much free time, yet such a poor presentation of facts...lol! I gotta tell you, anonym-ass, It's entertaining as hell watching you get shredded by women who eclipse you in intelligence, wit, and honesty.

I really regret that I don't actually DO anything in SL for you to have a piece o'me, cuz you're delusional fantasies have made me yearn no more for the sopranos....watching you get whacked is GREAT!

Carry on kids!

And my name is...


Ally Geer said...

What a load of unsupported, unfounded and uncalled for BS. Obviously, you don't TRULY know any of the parties here... Callie, Bianca, Trina, Sue, or Maddie.

Before trying to make a valid point, you should make sure you have ALL the facts and not just what you, "Anonymous", think in your own disillusioned and bitter mind. I will not go so far as to even try to respond to any of the slanderous, totally uninformed comments that you so blithely tossed out. Those who know these ladies in question also know what fine, caring and honest people they truly are.

A bit of sour grapes? I think so. Perhaps you should spend time in your Second Life doing other productive things, such as learning to build like Maddie or Sue, learning to create designs like Callie, or learning to manage and grow a successful multi-faceted business like Bianca and Trina.

And yes, I am a friend of ALL of these women. And I would have it no other way. Go back to your cesspool. You're not fooling anyone with your bitter, vindictive comments.

Anonymous said...

Let me start off by saying *WOW* bitter party of one...bitter.
First off this is Callie's blog and and if you can't say anything nice then start your own damn blog. I don't understand if you really don't like her as much as you claim, why are you reading her blogs?

I feel bad for you since you have let this consume you so much that you have had to track her every move, maybe you need a Third Life since Second Life is making you so bitter.

Let me just say before judging someone's character you should really look at yourself, you have just shown us your character and it is not pleasant. Invest in a mirror and reflect.

If you really had all these issues with Callie then you should have been an adult about it and confronted her privately, Oh but thats right, then she would have known who you were.

Stop your accusations,judgment of others and get off your high horse.


Love you Cal's Kiki

Anonymous said...

Ok I dont understand the Reason to Bash on Her..Question Do you Actually know her or just go on what you hear from other people ...to the people Bashing her i feel sorry for you you must be very bitter and jealous..why would you let something that went good for someone BOTHER you its really not your concern.. Advice Go on and do your own thing let her do hers No sense at all getting mean for no reason cuz all your bitching really isn't going to do anything so Shut the hell up and go about your buisness...

Tuli said...

Anon has no clue what she's talking about.
Callie Cline is not just a designer, she is a businesswoman who very smartly applies real life business to Second Life, signing contracts, collaborating with talented people and businesses, building her brand in way more ways than just clothing in sl. She knows what she's doing and has fun doing it.
She doesn't need to use good causes to build her name, she uses her name to get attention for the causes. There is a huge difference. I have much respect for her.
She never stole from me, I gave her permission to use my things.
And by the way, she HAS made new clothing, for a new store called Tomboy she's doing as a collaboration with me, Six Kennedy and Jackal Ennui. It just has taken months to get everything and everyone together.
The product ads also clearly give credit to Six and Jackal, that was HER doing.
Anon, I suggest you do your homework better before you come here and spit your jealousy all over Callie's blog. You have the wrong idea about her.

Congratz on your modeling position Callie, I know how much you enjoy it and work for it! =)

Karamel Madison said...

Callie, contacted me about the "bottle of corona" I had made.
All my items on my Kitchen Korner sim are displayed and dispense free items, that the product is modeled from. The permissions are no mod, copy, resell. I have NO problem with these "free" items being put in a package deal by anyone.

I have someone selling prim bartenders and waitresses with my drinks. It displays who made them and Kitchen Korner is clearly in the description.

I have never had a problem with anything someone wants to do with these food items. That's why I make them!! For everyone to enjoy!

I dont know what the rest of this is about becaue I dont do Drama or play games.

But, Callie, you go girl!! Keep moving ahead in SL.

Beat Wishes,
Karamel Madison
Kitchen Korner Sim

Barnes said...

Im going to stay out of this for the most part, but I will verify Callie purchased a full permission copy of my glasses last year, and has permission to redistribute them.

Nicky Ree said...

Erm why is my name mentioned?

I am not going to say much but just this....

(1) Callie is a friend of mine.

(2) She is hardworking, talented, smart and does a successful job in creating a Brand name style for herself and her designs.

Amanda Shinji said...

I'll happily add my name to the list of supporters. Callie works damn hard and does a lot of stuff that most people never get to find out about.

I often have trouble pinning her down for a conversation in SL because she's always running around doing something.

Anon, you know your comments are libellous, thats why you've not chosen to divulge your identity. As others have pointed out, you're not that smart as you can still be traced and if I were Callie or anyone else who has been slandered by you in your tirade, I'd be seeking legal action.

Alaska Metropolitan said...

Callie, you might consider changing your blog comments to registered users only. People with wayyyy too much time on their hands are abusing the right to post anonymously. ;)

I also wouldn't dignify them with a response, or get caught up in this... you'd be better off creating more beautiful stuff for Second Life than wasting time listening to petty rants.

Congrats on the modelling job!

Anonymous said...

I seriously can't believe what I'm reading here. Callie is one of the kindest, most giving people I've ever met in SL or RL. She deserves, ten-fold, any success she gets. Also, that "Aspire! bunch of bitches" are not clique-y or snobbish in the least. I've found Bianca and her friends to be more than open and helpful to me in the past. This 'anon' is one of the rudest, most dis-respectful, hate-filled people I've ever come across.

caLLie cLine said...

thanks alaska for the suggestion.

i was happy for the opportunity to clarify the anon's concern.

i take my business seriously, and if there was confusion, i'm happy to clear it up.

it also pointed me to the fact i had been misinformed as a newbie about "free to copy" items being linden made and ok to mod/copy etc...

so now karamel was contacted about me adding her corona bottle in, and yay! people can now have a brewski with their bikini! hahaha

i don't mind sour grapes, i like lemons too! oh and super sour balls!

however when it comes to my business and accusations of selling free items or other's work w/o permission to rip off people, i do feel i need to clear that up, so i was happy to have the opportunity!

thanks again for your support.



Jolie said...

Some people have WAY too much time on their hands! I've known Callie since she was a new designer and she's never been anything but sweet, modest and VERY giving. She helped me last year at a time when I really needed it and I will always appreciate that.

Don't let these idiots steal your thunder! You deserve any good that comes your way, sweetie!!

<3 Jolie

Catero said...

I can't read all these comments. It's just too much.

Truth is relative - especially when its coming from an outside perspective. I'm not going to respond to any opinions expressed here. People are entitled to their perspective.

All I'm gonna say is WHY are you anonymous posters SO concerned about what someone is doing in a virtual world and getting so riled up and bitter about it? Don't watch what Callie is doing. Don't watch what anyone else is doing for the sole purpose of feeding off the negative aspects you can conjure up. Do something for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Callie on joining Aspire!

I'm impressed that you didn't delete the anonymous postings. I wish people would't be rude to one another (or at least keep their postings shorter). It speaks more about the character of the anonymous poster rather than besmirching yours.


Unknown said...

Congrats on the modeling position Callie! You have a great flair in running your shop, and your kind heart is refreshing.

Unknown said...

What a vicious, unjustified and downright nasty spew, anonymous!

If you don't care for caLLie's designs, go elsewhere. You might even want to consider leaving SL if it upsets you so badly.

Personally, I'll continue to be a Cal Gal, and I'll always treasure the fun, friendships, and knowledge I gained through the ASpiRE! Model Search, nor do I begrudge caLLie's modeling position with ASpiRE! in the least.

She's loved and respected for a reason, and she's earned everything she has by working hard as a dog!

Sasy Scarborough said...

I just woke up , and this much hate is hurting my head , but I have to say and I wont call him/her anon because some sweet person posted as anon too , so to you Inspector Asshat ( sorry but Sue cracked me up ) I have concerns about your health and all this stress you are causing yourself , other designers put items in boxes they sell that are 'free' items because it adds to the experience so that part is off the list and so not even worth a rant about .....but the Aspire thing got to me as everyone seems to think your a designer , not me I think you wanted to be a Model for Aspire or know a potential Model well , yes the girls have worked very hard and done some incredible things , thing is though THEY signed up for exactly what they are in , the Aspire Model search is like a pageant, and like any pageant they break it down to the last girl standing , now for Bianca to go and Hire Callie during this 'search' is neither here nor there , thats like saying that because there are 'faces' of major beauty product lines that no other model gets to pose for print work ....adding Callie to the roster is I doubt very much a 'friendship ' thing , because if you used your head you would know that Bianca has ALOT of friends and I also know at least more than half of them if they had the time would love to jump on the runway .

Bianca has done what is right for Aspire , if Callie wasnt going to be a good representative of her vision then she wouldnt have proceeded simple as that .

what got to me in your ranting was also this bit """"Why the hell would a designer want to model someone else's work?""" ARE YOU DILLUSIONAL ??? Do you have any idea how often any creator in sl gets asked what is such and such item in their print work ?

So many stores have gone on to include in either the posters or notecareds with purchase who made the hair clothes skin accesories , One poster at my work has probably sold 50+ girls the hair from that ad as that would be roughly how many IMs I have gotten and notecards , also I have attended fashion shows in SL where designers have walked the runway wearing other peoples work .

what you are suggesting in your attack is that NO ONE helps anyone get ahead in SL no one gets close enough to someone that in conversations over time they think you know what you would so rock being a part of my team ...is that what you want ? Hair stores full of posters of rezzed hair on the floor because the creator didnt make the clothing or the skin they wear ?

Clothing designers bald with no accessories because they are only interested in the dollars coming to them for the clothes they produce and dont want you distracted by other peoples work ??

In your what seems to be stalking capabilities it seems you have also missed one very big thing , Callie has written for many many fashion blogs in the past and done reviews on OTHER peoples fashion , she has also been a contributor to Avastar Magazine and shock horror that is also a review section , there is nothing at all different than her taking pics and writing up a huge review on a designer than endorsing it on a runway other than someone else in green text does the raving .

And if you are or were a contestant in the search or know someone who was/is and you feel they have been slighted , then consider the fact that many will go on to do lots of modeling work in SL due to the publicity THEY have acquired in the process whether they make it to the finals or not .

I know many people would hire girls that have been through that process to some level as it would guarantee they know what they are doing .

Callies integrity isnt in question in my mind at all or her skills in anything she puts her mind to in SL , but I will say that if you want to decide that anyone in SL doesnt have the chance to grow and explore in this vast world and has to stick to the slot that they start in or else , then I am so disturbed by the very thought of that , because what came first for many of them ?

Did Gurl 6 make hair first or clothing and shoes ?
Did some of the leading fashion designers start with scripts ?
OMG first thing I ever made was a pic with anime water in it of a Luis Royo painting I love EEEEEK Im screwed (but I still think its so pretty :P )

Inspector AH I think you need to let it go , you made very very wild accusations and have been proven wrong , if your a model keep trying and if your a designer then I am sure soon we will work out who by the bald skinless pics in your store , oh and make sure you check the perms on everything you own or use , because just like Callie discovered through your words , what we have done in the begining sometimes gets overlooked and not updated and you wouldnt want someone like you to find out would you .


Gillian Waldman said...

Trainwreck! I am sorry to see that people have such vitriol towards others (on both "sides").

Callie - you know who your supporters are. I hope you don't take any of this nonsense personally.

I read an article in the SL Herald a couple of days ago with the same kind of venom I see here. It's really a shame people get so worked up about so little.

Take good care - and keep doing great work :) Wishing you continued success.

- Gillian

Anonymous said...


Seems blog drama is in the air this week.

Callie, hang in there, don't let the idiots win. I surely didn't. ;)


Ciera Bergman said...

A few things that hopefully EVERYONE learns in life:

If you have a problem with another person, the best thing you can do is talk to THAT person about it, not everyone else.

"He said She said" only gives you a headache. Stay out of it.

When you're getting to the point that everything you say revolves around someone you "don't like", it means you're obsessed. And no one wants to be around a negative obsessed asshat.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that doesn't mean you need to start a hate campaign, hoping that others will agree with you.

....Sorry all this is going on with you Callie. You're my faboo Hefferoo!

Anonymous said...

Callie, I agree with your reasoning on why you labelled your freebies, but just as a suggestion: maybe if you make them "from Callie Cline" instead of by? That might silence some of the idiots, you never know!

Keep on rockin love, you do a great job xxx

Stephanie Misfit said...

Congratulations Callie, you have a stunning avatar and Aspire is lucky to have you on board :)

Suztv said...

Wow. Just wow.

*Ducks head to avoid mud flying through the air*

Anonymous said...

I think we know *someone* who is jealous =)


Anonymous said...

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