Thursday, July 19, 2007

"fun-in-the-sun" dresses!!!

hi!!! these out today!!! i'm on a partial work/holiday, enjoying the
spectacular sun, and lounging at a very cool resort, and having fun
making stuff, and so i went a little crazy with some dresses....

there are more to come, but i was excited to get out the first batch to you all!!!

what i love about these dresses is that you can make them





rocked out




and whatever else you want!!!

and they are ONLY 199L FOR EACH DRESS!!!!!!

they come with 2 different sized prim skirts, a mod skirt layer, shirt part, and 2 bow attachements, one for the neck, one for the dress. and as you can see, the looks are really endless. you can even mix and match top and skirt for a cool look...

i'm still trying to decide if i like the "eastern" ones or the "dots" better, can't wait to show you the others too!!!

well, time for a little "pool" break, but i had to get these out before i go have some "fun in the sun"

happy summer to you all!!!