Wednesday, July 25, 2007

newsweek, SL, designers and models!!!

i'm really excited about this very large article newsweek did on SL... it's the first time newsweek has ever written about SL and they covered a lot of subjects.

(the first page)

for the hard magazine, it's the international version, and i'm not sure exactly all that the story is about, but i will when i get my copy... and i know there is a photo of me in it, as well as one of the photos they used on the webstory.

so here are a few screen shots of the article, again, it's pretty informative, and there's even an online photo album that shows people's av's and their RL photos... at least 2 designers are in those profiles.

here's the page with model ally geer, designer kiana dulce, me, model shane hornet, and designer tuli asturias!!! hehe, pretty cool huh?

so here are the screen shots... you can read the articles if you want on

oh look a photo with phillip (creator of second life) and my pic is on the same page!!! OMG!!!! he's so cute!

i think it's pretty exciting that SL is getting this kind of press!

ok more news soon about other stuff... hehe.

(how it looked today, i guess each day it moves on the page)

ok, hope you guys like it!!! there are some cool ppl covered in the profiles and one designer crucial armitage, and i can't remember who else...