Friday, November 23, 2007

SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!! more mix-n-mashups™

i had SO MUCH FUN doing these mash ups... i thought of so many of my customers and their shopping habits, my shopping habits (over the years) and i think i'm reflected in each of these outfits... of course some were when i was in my late teens, but nevertheless, they were a blast to put together, mixed up with old and new, and i hope you find one of them suits you!!!


first our more conservative shopper... wants to keep warm, look stylish, but goes with the "less is more" philosophy...

our next girl is a sexy shopper that's SERIOUS about shopping!!! get out of her way!!!

our next "sexy shopper" has most everything BUT shopping on her mind... she's the one who while you walk through the mall is like "ooh did you see him?" well she may have a bit of makeup in mind and of course JUNK FOOD, and maybe CD's and socializing.

our next shopper is the one who's there to shop, but breaks it up with stops for coffee, then more shopping, then more coffee, then shopping, then a chat with her friend by a fountain perhaps, a bit of people watching, more shopping, and makes a day of it. (this is most like me and my best friend when we shop in RL)

our last shopper is a bargain hunter and loves those sales and blue light specials!!! she also likes to look stylish and sasy.

i hope you find 'your' shopper, and if you're anything like my caL gaLs who got notice of these earlier, you maybe, like me, more than one type of shopper!!! i might do more "shopping" inspired outfits this weekend... but that's all for now..

oh btw, each sells for 199L, such a deal!!! and comes with all items listed!