Sunday, January 6, 2008

Paper doLL aLmost dressed up!!!

part 4 of the paper doll outfit is out... so she's almost dressed up!

the parts left are shown... i left the first parts out a bit longer due to SL issues, but now each day around 12 noon SLT i am changing it...

it's been fun and just WAIT to see who's next, hehehehe.... we have BOYS coming too!!! whoo hoo!! hehe.

anyway, just an update for you all...



p.s. we all have our fond paper doll memories... (well many of us!) and one i have is from my dad who used to sing me this song at least weekly... i'm not sure who sang it originally, but i have fond memories of actually making my own cut out paper dolls, having my little dolls all dressed and sitting on the livingroom floor while he sang:

I'd rather have a paper doll that i can call my own
One that other fellows can not steal
And then those flirty, flirty guys,
with their fliry, flirty eyes,
will have to flirty with dollies that are real

When i come home at night she will be waiting
she'll be the cutest paper doll in all this world
i'd rather have a paper doll that i can call my own
that have a real-life fickle-minded girl.

hahahah, wow, what memories!!!!