Thursday, January 10, 2008


1. the paper doll dress up was a fun fun time! thanks to you all who participated and i'm working on finishing up the next one so keep your eyes out!

2. new dresses will be coming out soon as well as some new "mix-n-mash-ups"™

3. some fun events and announcements coming up soon that i am THRILLED about and can't wait to share with you all...

4. i have been participating in the ms. universe pageant and will be a judge for it. it's very exciting and the girls are just amazing. what a wonderful, kind group of gals. really really refreshing to see and experience their excitement, care and passion for life.

5. some other fun stuff in the works AND going to be redoing my sim (that really never got done!) and moving it to a super fun and exciting location!!!

6. gonna be releasing bit by bit things i've had for a long time, short time and new stuff too!

7. have some videos coming out with some more original music, can't wait for that!

gonna be an awesome year!!!

always love,