Thursday, January 17, 2008

school days!!! R.I.T. rocks!

yesterday i had perhaps one of the most exciting experiences in my SL/RL life.

i had the honor to speak to the students at 'THE ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and it was so much fun, and such a blast!

how it worked was, a student, Matthew Anthony, (you rock matt!) followed me around as i blabbed about my story in SL, touching on marketing, designing, and the stuff i do in SL, and i was on voice and being projected into their RL class room! that was so cool to me! i could hear them some of the time and the professor was very cool, and the thought being able to share with hungry young minds who i'm sure will do great things in the world, was just such an honor.

they sent a few photos to me so i could see what they were seeing and i just can't even say how much fun i had. their questions were great, their energy was so strong i felt in there with them, and i had the honor today of meeting some of the avatars!!!

i told them i'd post this in my blog, and open it up for them to comment, and again, thanks to you all, thank you "professor" (please send prawn crisps) hehe, and again i wish you all the very best, please keep in touch and i can't WAIT to hear and see what you do in this world. you all have so much promise and the world is waiting for you!

big giant hugsssss!



Matthew said...

caLLie, it was so amazing to speak with you. I'm still blown away that you were willing to take time out of your schedule to speak with our class. Thanks again!

I think all of us learned so much from you about best practices for advertising in Second Life, and got ideas for how any projects or products could be marketed. I still think the jeans you dropped over to me mid-presentation look better than the ones I was wearing!

Have a great evening, caLLie! Like I told you last night, feel free to let me know if I can ever help you in any way.


Ryland M. Bacorn said...

Hey caLLie,
Thanks for using the image I sent you. Keep up the good work. By the way I started a blog right after I read this. . It's an odd entry but at least I started a blog.

Take care and hope to see you around.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Wow! That's fantastic CaLLie and Matthew. Was this recorded anywhere? I would love to see it.

caLLie cLine said...

thanks matthew and ryland!

creamy, some of the students did recored some portions but i don't know how to upload the little movies :(

i would love to see it too!

~*~ said...

thanks for taking time to talk with us!!! I had a great time. : )

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time and presenting to us. It was very enjoyable from my perspective.^^

Unknown said...

Thank you for speaking to us during class. It was very very enjoyable and informational for me.^^

Unknown said...

Thank you for speaking to us during class. It was very very enjoyable and informational for me.^^

Unknown said...

caLLie, it was a real treat to hear your presentation to our class. We are the ones that are honored! It was wonderful to get to hear from someone with your experience in SL and the obvious joy you have in your life because of it. The tidbit about winning you left us with was invaluable as well as all the other great advice and info you gave. Thanks alot!! Hope to see you in SL :)) ~Kaci Darwin

caLLie cLine said...

sherry, matthew, ryland, dre-chan, benjamin,

thanks for the comments!!! so cool you started a blog ryland!

i tried uploading all the photos you sent, but only a few work, and then disappear, then work.

i have NO tech abilities, so i have no clue why, HELP????

in all seriousness tho, thanks again for the great experience and it's touching to think that some of what i said was helpful!!! yay!

the thing about "winning" i shared was passed to me by a RL mentor whom i respect and admire, i can't wait to tell him i got to share it all with you. it's been an invaluable tool for me, and one of those things that i hold on to and reflect back on weekly.

our society often measures "winning" by dollars, and other societal measurements, and i still believe most "heros" are unknown, and unseen.

you all hold SOOOOOOOOOOOO much promise and please keep in touch with what you're doing.