Tuesday, February 12, 2008

aLways Love - love in a few languages... colorable shirts & jeans

i made these shirts a while ago, but decided now would be a good time to put them out... also a pair of matching jeans... well they sorta match.

the jeans come with a free fat belt, and so do the shirts. the shirts are colorable so you can tint them any color (as shown)

i was all happy that i got these ready and then my DEAR friend frolic told me i spelled "love" wrong on the spanish one, :( i spelled it in italian, so i took that one down, but then i thought i'm 1/2 spanish an 1/2 italian in RL so........... maybe ill put it back out, hahahaha

anyway, not a big HUGE release or anything, just a little fun one.

i'm working really hard on the tv show, rebuilding the new store, and working away on new designs and old, hahaha, and so much more... i've been behind in my blogging and stuff, but i was in this really cool new book, "i, avatar" and i still need to blog the pages from marie claire and i just found out i was in a new magazine too!!!! so that i need to blog as well...

busy, working hard, but having a blast.... hope you all have a great week, and more updates soon!!!



::other stuff::

photo one:
hat/hair: Celestial studios,
skirt: "skinny minny" - caLLie cLine
socks: vintage torrid wear
shoes: mk sneakers
skin: nevermore
eyes: caLidescope eyes - hearts - caLLie cLine
light: "fLawLess" caLLie cLine

jean photo:
hair: Naughty Designs "party girl 3"
skin: nevermore custom
shoes: armidi (i love these shoes!!! i have some almost like them in RL)
bracelet: "fat bead bracelet" caLLie cLine
light: "fLawLess" caLLie cLine
belt: fat belt (comes free with jeans)
eyes: caLidescope eyes - hearts - caLLie cLine

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Anonymous said...

You are a busy little bee...Cute as always!! Can't wait to see the new SIM when you're done.