Saturday, February 16, 2008

weLcome Elle Alison

it's my great pleasure to introduce Elle Alison to you all. Elle will be doing a lot of posting on my blog starting after this post!!! She's a great girl, and adding her to this blog's team will allow me to focus more time on all of of the exciting things i'm working on.

i will still post as well, but Elle will take the responsibility of new release updates, new things going on, and stuff like that. i've been so busy lately in SL and RL that i just am running out of time to keep up with everything!

here's a quick list of things going on now:

• "the LOOK" fashion/tv show to being airing in march
• sim under construction!!! (yikes what a mess!! please wear a hard hat when visiting)
• some RL/SL stuff in the works
• other fun tidbits
• working on getting out things made, in the works or in my brain!!!

and of course more than you care to know about! hahaha.

it's all good, so with that, i say... "weLcome eLLe" (oops she insists on Elle).

btw, keep your eyes out for ways to be involved with "the LOOK"... news coming soon.




Anonymous said...

You are quite the busy bee caLLie. I can't wait for your TV show. (searches in inventory for PINK Hard Hat)....See ya.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Elle!
and big hugs caLLie!

Azia said...

Welcome Elle! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

And looking forward to the new show, Callie!