Monday, February 25, 2008

animal tested & animals shot??? huh?

introducing the first caLLie cLine furry or furrie model, 'shelly soothsayer!'

SL is a rich and diverse community full of all kinds of unique avatars. I absolutely LOVE meeting customers of all walks of SLife, and 'furries' are NO exception. i really don't know much about the furrie community as a whole, but every customer i've met as always been fun and many have a really great fashion sense... i've seen some amazing outfits on them, and have really admired the creativity i've seen from that part of our community.

last week i met a really sweet furrie girl, "shelly soothsayer" i loved the colors of her avatar, and she inquired about some boots and how she might be able to "fit her paw" into them.

she put on a few pieces of some of my older things and as we spoke i was so taken by her avatar (she has this amazing set of wings and this really wild tail) that i asked, "can i shoot you?" and she said, "yes!"

of course i meant a 'photo shoot' and she was a great model... we spent just a bit of time together but in chatting, i was just really inspired by the really wild things she wore... it's great to meet people in SL with such creative avatars, and i'm quite honored in fact that furries, fairies, elves and aliens come to my shop and find things they like... who woulda thunk it?

i hope i meet more furries to shoot really soon, and if you're a furrie who wants to be "shot" send me a photo with your name, looking your VERY best ;)



p.s. NO animals were harmed in the posting of this post and caLLie cLine, nor her affiliates in anyway endorse or support cruelty to any real animals, or furries.

what shelly is wearing:

cc signature monogram boots
a mix up of "cc" leather & stud" pants
skullicious "roses" top over "red hottie" corset
cc "tied up leather" gloves.