Monday, March 10, 2008

friendship week & model search!

caLLie has been working hard on various projects, and her group's "friendship week" has been an AWESOME experience for her and for the "caL gaL" group.

due to many requests from her customers to get past day's gifts, and due to the instability on the grid prohibiting log ins for many, caLLie will be putting out today's gift, as planned, then a surprise gift on tuesday to end a great week!

this has been such a fun way to celebrate friendships, and caLLie and the "gaLs" have had a blast. a few of the days had special meanings, one of which was "international women's day".

the gifts included, clothing, jewelry, a special "caL gaL" ONLY skin from La Sylphide, (which is amazing!) and there's more!

group members were also given a heads-up on caLLie's new "model of the month" search in which the selected model will appear in a double spread ad in "best of SL" magazine! EVERYONE is invited to participate in this model search. the kiosk is in the caLLie cLine mainstore in caLLiefornia.

that's all for now from the "cLine Line" and i'll post more later in the week (or caLLie will)

have a great week everyone! clothing fair is just a few days away, lots of exciting stuff coming up!


*posted by Elle Allison for caLLie.

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