Monday, March 10, 2008

more "eyefLashes" from caLLie

caLLie has made more wild and fashionable "eyefLashes" here are the 2 newest ones... there are 4 sets in all. tintable and fun, they REALLY look amazing and add a great "fLash" to really any outfit.

i've been loving mine and people are too! i LOVE that i can make them any color i want.

they're at the caLLie cLine main store in caLLiefornia on the right of the shop when you walk in!

enjoy them!


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Terry Toland said...

These eyelashes are so fun to play with! Normally, I don't use prim eyelashes at all (good skins allow one to use the shape modifier fairly well), but these are just awesome! Thank you for releasing something so creative!