Monday, June 30, 2008

"modeL of the month" winner... Lilah Fairey

congrats to the "caLLie cLine modeL of the month" for JULY!!! Lilah Fairey!!!

Lilah was chosen for her style, excellent photos and perfectly filled out application!!! (details matter) but really, the instructions aren't that hard...

caLLie did the shoot with Lilah a few days ago and this look sorta just happened! the look was a totaly departure for Lilah who was prepared, ready and quite amazing to work with! they had a blast.

this ad will appear in the Best Of SL magazine and in caLLie's new shop... which will be done soon!!!

entries are being taken now for the August model... kiosk in the caLLie cLine main shop in caLLiefornia.

thanks to everyone who submitted applications... please submit again for next month if you wish to be selected...

caLLie wanted me to make sure to let eveyrone know it was VERY hard to select just one from SO many amazing avatars and to keep up the great work.

for caLLie...


p.s. this outfit is for sale... in caLLie's shop... look for this ad!!! it contains the shirt, belt and rocker glitter pants... boots sold seperatly.... (shirt is tintable and says "aLways love" in french)


Yordie Sands said...

A public thank you to Callie! From a loyal customer, Yordie Sands

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for picking me, I am truly honored to have been picked for the contest. The ad looks wonderful! My husband (rl) is making sure everybody "digs" your blog.

This outfit rocks my world! The boots are fab, they remind me of the ones Apollonia was wearing in purple rain.

Don't get me started on the jewelry... Fabulous! The textures are so perfect and your prim work makes me drool! Everyone who is in the know, knows the CC logo means quality and a fresh, fun look.

Alright, I wont go on forever... I could though.. :P To sum it all up, thank you...

It was great meeting you in person, and it was so great to work with you.


caLLie cLine said...


you were a pleasure to work with, truly professional, fun and just great. i hope to work with you more in the future...

the jewelry was crafted by "jackal ennui" so credit must go where credit is due!!! (i made the cc texture and bugged her a bit about design, etc. haha, but the excellence in the prim work is hers and hers alone... look up her profile and find her shop in pics for great shoes & jewelry)

i'm glad your hubby likes it!! and how funny about "purple rain" i think i saw that on video some years ago but don't remember the boots!!!

thank you again for your hard work and fun spirit when we worked together, i don't know what your plans are in SL for a modeling career but you can aLways use me for a reference and i hope to see you very soon!



Anonymous said...

yay Lilah!! :):)
*cat call* *wolf whistle*

hot mama!

Anonymous said...

(throws goat head signs up in the air) YOU ROCK LILAH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

(points over at Callie) and YOU ROCK TOO Miss Fashionista Lady person!!! Don't forget to give me a holler about that proposition I have for you!!!

Women's clothes ROCK WOOHOO!!!!

caLLie cLine said...

propositions????? notecard please ??? :P