Wednesday, July 2, 2008

dream, dream, dream....

i wrote a bit about my exhibit for SL5b... and ms. sassy scarborough made a nice little movie that sort of shows the exhibit... it was cool of her to do that and share it.

my exhibit is sort of a "dream" that begins in a Black and White bedroom with some cool SL things like a HUGE grim babie caLLie doll (small ones are there for free for all!) and has some early photos of me in SL, a journal entry describing how it felt to be in this crazy world... and how i was so scared to start making clothing as i could barely even GET dressed... i had 2 pixel dolls out fits and that was about it....

so the dream turns into color with a cool music soundtrack that's sorta mixed up songs i love sorta twisted and lots of visuals, some "nigthmare" elements, hehe, and anyway.. the theme is about an "ordinary girl in an extraordinary world"... how i have always felt in SL... and in RL for that matter really.

so anyway... i'm thankful for the opportunities SL has offered to us all and the creativity and pioneering spirit of my fellow residents is a constant source of inspiration... with that.. here's miss sassy's movie!

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