Friday, July 18, 2008

a swan song & tears... a mini collection... 17 pieces

inspired by the rezzable sim, "black swan" caLLie created this collection of pieces from her experience of the sim. "what struck me most about the black swan sim was the glowing water, the whale that swims freely almost welcoming you, and the glow of the entire place which sets the stage for some of the most beautiful art i've seen in second life..." says caLLie. "the sim has the juxtaposition of hard ancient rocks, flowing serene waters, and a certain glow about it that's quite enchanting and evokes all sorts of feelings."

the ring, and circular orb pieces in caLLie's scupted mini skirt have "water" in them and the movement of those combined with the soft airy flow of the feather pieces creates a feeling of 2 worlds meeting. "i love the crushed velvet bodice, the soft feathers and the glow of all the 'water' pieces" says caLLie... and the specially made jewelry adds a spectacular touch which was yet another added plus in this experience...

"i was able to collaborate with nebulosus severine, an amazingly sweet, smart and very talented artist who created the earrings and necklaces and glowing eyes in this piece, we had a great time working and had one of those rare times where ideas and inspiration just flowed" says caLLie. "i've admired her work since i saw her exhibit at ARTHOLE, and found her very thoughtful in her execution of her ideas, it was an honor after admiring her for so long to actually work with her!" will there be more in the future? "i think so!" caLLie says as she smiles. (she's also an amazing photographer, builder, etc.)

the 3 week event began with a packed fashion show and caLLie even opened the show modeling one of the pieces in this collection, "i love to do runway, and i don't get the chance very often, and this was a unique experience in that i got to not only model, but model one of my own pieces... it was great to share the runway with some of the models in SL i respect most."

here are a few photos of the collection... all 17 pieces can be used to create anything from "cyberglam" to "traditional", "period looks" to "club wear".... says caLLie "i played with all the pieces so much it was hard to even decide what to use for the ad, my hope is that each person who gets this collection can create their own "song" as they put together the pieces to suit their own mood."

the event runs until august 4th and there will be 2 more fashion shows showcasing this collection of work from SL designers including, caLLie, Sissy Pessoa, Kuranosuke Kamachi, Digit Darkes, Roslin Petion, Raven Pennyfeather, Rebel Hope, Nicky Ree, Eshi Otawara, Hyasynth Tiramisu & Draconic Lioncourt.

the sim is free to access, and a "feather" will gently glide you over the water and thru the warm blue skies to the area where "swan song" and other wonderful creations await you.

hope to catch you there...


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