Sunday, August 3, 2008

frEEibE gEEbiE week extended one week!

due to the generosity of so many "caL gaLs" and some of caLLie's friends, frEEbie gEEbie week has been extended a week. it's been so much fun to meet so many of you and to see you all make friends and have fun.

it's been an cool time to have with you all and meet some new people. caLLie has had a blast though being busy boxing up all the goodies :)

as of today ALL the free gifts are still out but will be taken down in the morning so that room can be made for new gifts. (the gifts are in each room of the store in pretty gift boxes.)

if you aren't a member of "caL gaL" you can join by looking in search for "caL gaL" in groups.

hope to see you in caLLiefornia!!!



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