Thursday, July 31, 2008

cocobean bonneto - "cc model-of-the-month" for august

every month it's so difficult to choose a model to represent my brand... yet every month i am more excited when i meet the girls who were chosen. beauty is only skin deep and i've always believed in doing more than "making pixels pretty™" and in a world like secondlife, sometimes is harder to reflect the inner beauty we all have. when you come across a person who reflects both, it's a wonderful experience and that's why i'm proud to say that cocobean bonneto is the "caLLie cLine modeL-of-the-month" for august. from her entry photos to the authenticity in her words to the total professionalism and warmhearted nature, when i met her and we did her shoot on voice, she was all she represented herself to be and more.

we had a great time at the rezzable "black swan" sim where she wore "swan song" and danced on the water in the mist and setting sun while the whale made its rounds in the azure waters surrounding us... it was a magical time and we had a blast.
i was so happy to hear that coco had received a "ton" of im's congratulating her from her friends and other girls in the search. it's that kind of news that makes me really happy as i know there are so many "contests" but only one who gets "chosen". i do however believe if we see things in a broader sense we can share in the "joy" of winning, as coco's friends did with her.

i think she looks like a young elizabeth taylor and couldn't help but wonder if elizabeth were young now, and in SL as an avatar if she might dance on water and enjoy the glow of the black swan skies...

thank you coco, you were truly lovely to work with!



*coco is wearing "swan song" by caLLie cLine, "swan's tears" jewelry by nebulosus severine with cc, some wild hair, "swan tears" eyes, and a naughty skin.

her ad appears in this month's "best of sl" magazine and on ads in the caLLie cLine store in caLLiefornia and on the best of SL boulevard.


Anonymous said...

Awww Callie you are too kind! It was great fun working with you and I am so honoured to be your model of the month. I am also extremely happy with the resulting ad and I have had lots of flattering comments about it... Gals - I love this dress... several pieces and a multitude of outfits! I recommend it!

Cocobean Bonetto said...

Callie thanks for your kind words! yes the photoshoot was a lot of fun and i really do love the finalised ad - as do so many of my friends who have spotted it.

Thanks again for naming me model of the month - it really has meant a lot to me and definitely increased my exposure in the modelling world. I am honoured to have won a contest which clearly has integrity and for such a well known brand.

Oh and girls - I really do recommend the black swan dress... so versatile it looks unique and fits really well - go get it!