Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BLUE MOON SALE - 50L & 25L items (free BLUE BEAN)

I was feeling a bit blue cuz of the rain, not in a bad way but a good one. So i decided to put most of the "blue" things in my store for sale at 50L and 25L. in each room you can find things from pants, shirts, gowns, outfits, eyes, rainbowas, (feather boas), swimsuits, lingerie, dresses, "fat belts", scarves, eye "fLashes" (lashes) and more... and even a "bubble dress"... for 50L... and some for 25L.

i will probably keep this sale going on until i get back in town for the thanksgiving holiday!

OHHH AND ... there is a FREE "blue bean" which is one of my bean bag chairs covered in a nice plaid... it's in the 'BLUE ROOM' near all the "taRty paRty" stuff!

xoxo, caLLie