Monday, December 8, 2008

caLLiefornia grown christmas trees :) they glow and sparkle too!

i had SO much fun making these new christmas trees, mostly the "girl's best friend" ones cuz i've always wanted a gemstone christmas tree. each part can be changed with a click to one of 12 gemstones.... so you can make it look very decadant or like a RING POP!!! HAHAHA

here's a few photos of the GBF trees and the starry starry night trees... they both are mod and trans so you can pass them along, a copy/mod version is also available but inside the store.

oh i'm in my new dress that will be out hopefully SOON, i made it for miss denmark and am making some changes for the release... goes so perfect with a snow cap huh? haha, jk...

come on down to caLLiefornia and pick up some trees if you want!! oh and there are some fun freebies in the store and other stuff but i'll blog that on a seperate post.