Monday, September 7, 2009

POSH FARMS... chickens, turtles and bunnies OH MY!

if you want a FUN hobbie... raising virtual pets is FUN... and very different. (no, boyfriends don't really count as virtual pets, but that could be argued as they do need to be fed, trained and they like to breed and well, nevermind, i'm going WAY off topic)

anyway... posh farms located in SO CAL, has an array of things from chickens, eggs, turtles, and soon bunnies.

so what makes posh farms so special? well... have you owned a pet bred from your favorite designer like katat0nik pidgeon before? or a house/chateau for your pet made by barnesworth anubis?

OR... a cute little habitat for your turtle by moo money? or..... or... or... or...

head on over to POSH FARMS and visit "chickywood" and find everything you need to start raising your OWN virtual pets! bunnywood will open soon and we have ALL things need for starting to raise virtual chickens and TURTLES!

go see what the fun is all about, after all, it's the new black you know :P



oh you will find the POSH farm booth in the courtyard where you can buy egg starter packs with 3 eggs (that hatch baby chickies) a pen and toys for 99L. AND at benedict & florentine you can find all sorts of fun pens and stuff, and you can also find "petable" and sion chicken vendors for turtle and chicken needs, like food, lol.

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