Monday, September 7, 2009

beautiful becca... new CC street model

introducing becca rivera, the newest caLLie cLine street model!

i used to have a STREET MODEL team comprised of mainly enthusiastic customers who had a flair for modeling, fashion and liked to wear my things.

we had a lot of fun with it, and today while in my shop this lovely girl was looking for things to accessorize a shirt and pair of pants. (from icing) we got to chatting and added a "fat belt" in black/silver and a "paisley parade" scarf, and a "cc signature bangle" (customer gift) her look really came together. we did a quick photo shoot on the spot and i asked her if she'd like to be a street model and she said "YES!!!" yay!!!

her photo will be displayed also in my store and she will have an offical  "caLLie cLine cg model" tag she can wear when she is out and about wearing my stuff (if she wants to, as there are no OMG-you-weren't-wearing-your-cc-model-tag police out there on the grid... haha)

anyway thanks becca for being the inspiration behind reinstating my cc street model team.

so how can YOU be a CC street model? well it's sorta easy. if i or one of my employees sees you in my store sporting a very cool look that's stylish, fun or "funky, flirtatious and fabulous" we'll IM you and ask you if you would like to be a street model!

OR.............. be proactive and join the CAL GAL flickr group and submit photos of you in any CC items (free or bought) that you have and label it "cc street model" and make sure you put your avatar name on your photo and we will contact you if you are selected! BTW... i proudly LOVE the fact that my customers range from "fashionistas to furries to fairies" i do NOT discriminate :)

have a great day!


fat belts come in 4 styles and about oh... 50 or more colors :)

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