Monday, November 1, 2010

bend but don't break!

oh this post is not advertising anything although i am wearing some vintage digit darkes and new idyra shoes... i think truths hair and some old shiny things earings... when i saw this photo on my desktop today, i thought about how life has been a stretch lately in a lot of different ways.

it doesn't always feel good or i guess look good. they say the results are good. a very dear member of my family passed away in the past couple weeks and another close family member had a close call with leaving this life, but for now they're staying around. 

i've heard from some of you that similar "stretches" are happening in different areas of your life and i guess this photo can be a humorous way to say, "bend just don't break" and "you're not the only one!"

hang in there, take time to laugh at yourself, especially when you're being stretched and look like this!



the russian and chinese judges scored this move a 10!
p.s. i've been thinking if these keeps happening, i'm gonna join a circus or try to for olympics :)

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