Friday, November 12, 2010

ECHO'S SONG... a new version... 50L friday special...

 hey all, this is my 50L friday offering this week. a version of the Echo's song gown i made for DU19. 
it's really pretty on and since it's sheer and comes in all layers you can wear all the layers for a non sheer look. skirt is mod too so you can adjust the transparancy.

i also have my winter snowflakes out for 50L just for today for the boys :)

ECHO'S SONG - in blush - caLLie cLine  

snowflakes 50L - add glow for a cool look!
have a fabulous weekend all! enjoy your gown and snowflakes... oh btw... if you sit on the snowflakes, (they rotate) it's like a ride! it's fun too! haha :)

xoxo, callie


truth hair
mynera skin
jadar shoes
muse pearls


Argus Collingwood said...

I love this dress!! I am wearing it with the skirts from another lovely Callie design on my twothreesixfive blog for 11/16/2010 <3333

caLLie cLine said...

aww thanks you! i'm gonna go see now! thanks for commenting!

xoxo, callie