Monday, January 29, 2007

caLLie cLine @ iVillage mega FASHION SHOW during NYC fashion week!!!

when the people at iVillage, sponsors of the wonderful "Girls Night Out" program from iVillage's "LOFT" contacted me and asked me if I would be one of 3 designers to participate in their upcoming show, i couldn't help but say YES for a few reasons...

1. i LOVE the "iVillage" loft, and love love love the work they are doing inworld in getting women together for fun times, ok, "women bonding", and i love their approach.

2. the show's runway is on it's own sim for NO LAG, which means, people will actually SEE the clothing !!!! yay

3. i'm so bored with getting my sim ready to be opened, the motorati girlz project, the new tomboy store, and various other mundane things, that i HAVE NOTHING TO DO!!! (hahahah)

4. i get to share a stage with "paper couture" and "simone" OMG!!! how cool is that???

so here's a little picture from our first little impropmtu rehearsal with simone, bianca darling (owner of aspire magazine and modeling agency), and some of the gorgeous models!!! we had so much FUN just being girls, and working out little issues like, "what are we gonna wear???" hahahaha...

acutally, all of us are very excited and quite honored to be a part of this show...

you read the iVillage "official blog" announcement below, (link included) it's gonna be a GREAT event, so try and mark your calenders and make sure to stay tuned here, and there, and if you're in my group, you'll get an official invite. i'm guessing the show WILL be packed, and did i say that lots of RL and SL press are gonna be there????

it's so exciting!!!

can't wait to see you then...



here is their orignal announcement found at

Fashion Extravaganza during the real life NYC Fashion Week!

Fashion stylists in LA, New York, London, Paris and beyond all agree that the coolest thing is to have your own unique style.

Little wonder then that Second Life has its own thriving fashion community. What with designer labels, shoes to die for, funky hairstyles, make-up for any occasion and accessories galore, female fashion designers in Second Life are creating quite a name for themselves.

To celebrate this union of creativity and personal style for all, iVillage is showcasing three top virtual clothing designers as part of their third in a series of Girls Night Out events. For the first time ever, this unique Fashion Extravaganza will occur during New York City's Fashion Week.

You'll be the first to see chic outfits from caLLie cLine, Simone! and the designs from Paper Couture - fashion delights that have captured the latest virtual fashion trends. Their stunning work will grace the iVillage catwalk on February 5th at 6 pm SL time or 9 pm PT. Just like a real life fashion show, iVillage's will be run by Second Life's most renowned Modeling Agency ASpiRE!

After the showcasing of their new fabulous fashion lines, residents will also have the opportunity to ask the designers questions. And as an iVillage's gift to you, each resident will walk away with a stylish Fashion Extravaganza Goodie Bag will hand-selected items from these extremely talented designers. There isn't a fashionista out there that could turn down an invite to such an exciting evening.

NYC Fashion your heart out. Get fashion forward and join us at iVillage's Fashion Extravaganza for the next in vogue Girls Night Out event!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this. Congrats on showing!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait, Callie :)

Unknown said...

Great show!

Anonymous said...

you rocked girl. couldn't see anyone besides you. (big fan girl).