Wednesday, September 10, 2008

home and shoes!!! YAYO FOR ZHAO!

it's been fun filling up my new store, or trying to!!! the home store is all filled now with everything from "love beans" (bean bags) to contemporary furniture to great outdoor stuff and even the love shacks fit in my new shop!!! yeah it's pretty big i guess. hehe... maddie worked hard putting out all the stuff that i messed up during construction :( we have some cute things coming out soon including some fun "beans"... so far we have "punk beans", "love beans", "wild beans", "chilli beans", and each design comes in 4 different pose models... and we're doing a lot more beans, including a 3 bean salad... (don't ask)

oh yeah, all our furniture is menu driven so after you sit on it, you get a menu giving you a lot of poses to chose from, it's really cool and i like using them a lot. hope you do too!

and yesterday i made a SHOE ROOM, (i so wanna say shroom, but ya know...) and it features the great shoes from one of my favorite "cobblers" Melanie Zhao! she was kind enough to not only put out FOUR FREE PAIRS of shoes BUT to put out her "clover shoes" (my faves of hers) in PINK!!!

a few thousand "caL gaLs" stopped by yesterday to pick up the shoes and a few hundred got the chance to meet ms. mel herself, we have a great time and everyone looked amazing in the new "glorious grey" :)

mel and i will be doing some special show/outfit thingies as our time allows, hehe.. and i want to thank her and welcome her to my main shop!

if you want to get the great shoes, and poke around a bit, you're always welcome.

more updates all week, some kewl stuff to announce !