Sunday, September 6, 2009


this weekend i went to a party where we did the thriller line dance. sharon schumman is there on the left wearing "galaxy girl" and "clitter"... uh, if you've not heard of clitter, go to youtube, type it in, and watch. (it's funny but i guess some ppl may be offended) i made some for sl for FUN it's for sale at hotel dare in my CAL MART store...

speaking of stores, i just finished decorating my new little shop at the AMAZING new GLANCE sim. I LOVE THE BUILD and am SO thankful that they asked me to have a shop, it's a GREAT collection of artists/designers and the fantastic build done by babyhoney bailey is warm, inviting and like a street you'd see in a nice area like bel air but w/o that pretentious air i personally don't care for... oh clitter is available at glance too... my store there is an eclectic mix and I LOVE IT! i love mixing stuff i love together even if other people think it may not go together :) it's how i decorate my RL house and it's fun to have a shop in SL like that. i plan to have things ONLY available there, as well as CAL MART.. more on CAL MART later, lol.

so here are 2 photos! it's been a fun weekend and next week my new computer should be here and it will be back to work!

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