Tuesday, October 31, 2006


i was interviewed for Aspire magazine this week, and it was very exciting as it was the first magazine that interviewed me for an article. it's a super cool new fashion magazine and the first issue came out last month, i picked up a copy gurlywood. i was impressed by the layout and overall look and feel of the mag. so i was super excited to be asked to be in it! did a photo shoot the other day for it too and that was fun. i got to dress up in my stuff, and sorta mix and match, hehe. at on point i put on an outfit made my someone else, (can't remember who) and a friend standing near by im'd me and said, "callie, this is about YOUR clothes"... hehe, OOPS! well anyway, a fun experience for sure. the Aspire team is very professional and so far this has been a pleasure! here is a pic of the reporter, rubianne and me in my office. she's wearing one of my dresses and i think she is gorgeous! oh, i've been asked to be the cover girl of a magazine in decemeber too! yay! but more on that... later. :) happy halloween everyone.



Saturday, October 28, 2006

jolie's boutique

after reading jolie's post in the forums about needing money for RL medication, i have decided to donate all the money i make from now until november first to her. (the date of her sale) i will pay her in lindens. she is also having a 50% off sale to make money for her meds. so however you can, please try and help this sweet lady out. i remember getting a shop at her mall, and how kind she was to me when i was starting out.

jolie, i hope you get well soon and i hope i sell a lot so you get even more money!

*BTW, my new shop is located in PLUSH LAMBDA*

thanks xoxo,


steve irwin donation made

hi all,

i only thought it was befitting to let you all see that the money you donated for steve's shirts was indeed given to his foundation.

as i received the check today from LL, i made the payment by credit card as soon as it came in the mail. i hope you all can see this, i took a few screen shots, then put them all on one picture. it included my "sl" company name, but i didn't think would mean it came from me, on the comments i wrote that it was from "the residents of SL who loved him".

i blocked out my personal email and credit card number of course.. so that is why there is black there.

thanks to everyone who made this gift possible.

oh, btw, the shirts brought in nearly 400L, so i round it up. and total sold was about 500 packs of 2 shirts, with donation amounts between 100L - 10k L.

THANKS everyone who helped in this, from the bloggers, mag. publishers, to feri beckenbauer who not only took a picture with me, but who put the kiosk right at his landing tp, as did six kennedy of gurl six, ciera bergman of Vitamin C, fallingwater cellardoor of shiny things, stacey sugar of the barbie club, and the others of you who wrote and asked for a kiosk... i can't remember them all now! also ty to my partner kiana who let the HUGE kiosk and vigil sit in the middle of our store for at least a month.

you all are great.



photo test...

Friday, October 27, 2006


yay, we made our move to our HUGE new location. i now have my very own store and kiana is right across the walkway from me, it's so cool! we've been working so hard, i can't imagine when people get a whole sim how hard they must work... wow! anyway, we have a lot more room to grow, and will be having a grand opening funky-cool-baby bash in the coming weeks.... for now FREE shirts to everyone, wooo hooo! i LOVE my new shop so much, it came out totally different than i expected, but that's what i love about being creative, you never know what's gonna happen, hehe... ty to everyone who dropped by during the process, shane (xoxo), jaz (ty for the tp!), ally (cheerleader), the ZERO DRAMA LLAMAS (hey we've had the group for a few weeks now and there has been NO drama!) haha. AND thank you so much to all my wonderful customers who are so so so so awesome, you are one of the reasons i do what i do... gosh, i'm blabbing like i'm getting an oscar, hehe... well, i'm just excited. thank you tuli for "decorating" advice early on that changed the whole look, and most of all, thanks to my sister, kiana dulce, for being a great sister in SL, friends, partner in "funky" crime and for this fun venture you invited me into way back when i was your decorator... hehe. ok, next post to show ya the shirts.... xoxo, caLLie

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

bootie & b'bye!

well it's time to say bye bye to the old FUNK store, in elpenor, where i first sold my very first outfit which was... skullicious black! to make the "good bye" more fun, i invited my group over for a 5 minute free jeans sale! hehe... and so here are the pics of some nice booties ;) and some of the gals sitting with me while i "kiss" the old "funk" goodbye! it's bitter sweet, i have so manhy fond memories of that store, from bugging the bugger who build it, "wandering yaffle", and from deciding to make clothes after NO ONE bought my skull candles, hahaha... to meeting some people who have become friends there like, tami mccoy, tuli asturias, aphrodite wishbringer, ally geer, and so so so so many more. wow, i'll never forget all the fun there... kiana (dulce) and i were just getting started, and i was the decorator, haha... and somehow after i learned to make stuff, she was kind enough to let me have a wall, then another, and another, then 1/2 the store (which i built & err... ruined?) and then now... we've outgrown the place! the new store officially opens on friday in "PLUSH LAMBDA" and is a lot bigger in fact, we both have our own HUGE stores and a cool "funk attic" with stuff from gurl 6, jeepers creepers, barnesworth anubis, and oh yes, ::LOLLYPOP:: is now there too! hurray! i'll post more in the next few days! ty to the "goodbye bootie girls" i LOVE my customers and it's so great to meet them whenever i can! xoxo, caLLie

Friday, October 20, 2006


ok, what do these designers, journalists, pose makers and fashion freaks all have in common? they love the dancing cow, being silly, and having a little FUN mixed in their work! ok, so monday morning, right when i log on, francesca poppy sends me a TP and an im saying "get over here now!" uhh... rubbing my eyes, i type back "over where, and why?" she replies, "party at lalique square!".... "party? did someone say, party?" so i accept the "limo" and land in the middle of about 7 people dancing on COWS!!! immediately i am given the blessed animal, and i join in the dance... we laugh, hoot, try on octopus avs, laugh more, and decide we should do this again next monday, haha. but, i guess monday was too long a wait and while in my new store, i was showing choice & gita, somehow in about 5 minutes we were having another MOO party!!! yay! it was fun to hang with these gals, and some new people came, and were added to our new group which was created monday, the "ZERO DRAMA LLAMAS" we have a secret oath, and all members must take it before joining, and of course after joining, they must dance on the cow! (oh ty to shai delacroix for the cute "cow" dress she dropped on us all this morning!) xoxo, caLLie

Thursday, October 19, 2006


In anticipation of the new "FUNK" square, (the store I share with my sister Kiana Dulce, formerly of KD designs) I am re-announcing my newbie program again. Please feel free to pass along my offer to all newbies you meet if they are looking for a free outfit "of their choice". I've been doing this for a few months now, and it's really fun to re-live my early SL days through the eyes of a new person. They are luckier though, no boxes stuck on the head like I had happen, for about 3 months! I'll post more about the new "FUNK" square in the coming days! We've been hard at work and it's been fun. (oh and at the new place we each have our own HUGE store and a cool, "FUNK ATTIC" with fashions by ::LOLLYPOP:: - Gurl6 Hair, Jeepers Creepers shoes, Accesories by Barnesworth Anubis, stuff from Feri Beckenbauer, and more surprises!!! More on that later! xoxo, caLLie

Sunday, October 15, 2006


the party last night for hyacynth was so much fun! i logged on to finish up my new store getting it ready, and one of my friends, who was supposed to help, said, "oh after the party for hyacynth!" and i was like, "party??? tp please!!!" then i remembered i had donated number 100 in my limited edition gown for the auction, and WOW, did i have a GREAT time... first off, i bought this way cool blue "one of a kind" car at the auction, it's super cool and so pretty and it was fun to bid ;).... i got to meet the "silent sparrow" herself and that was a treat and also so many other SL folks whom i have admired for a very long time. so that was a lot of fun... then there was an auction for something, that billybob (ally geer's man) and i were bidding on, increasing our bids by 1L each time, hahaha, it was super fun... it was the end of the night and not many people were there... so it took forever to get to the winning bid of.... 12002, which i won! hehe.... but then, something really cool happened... they announced the winner of the photo contest and it was.................................... ME!!!! yay! one of these is photo that won, i submitted 3. So now i get a "bag" of limited stuff from "silent sparrow" and how cool is that???? it's VERY cool... so, needless to say, by the time i went back to my store to finish... i was pooped, called it a night, and was glad i put play before work ;)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


This is the first pair of jeans from my "DENIM" line. They are highly detailed and I am very happy with how they came out.

I decided to release the "worn" pair first. They will be available in "new", "comfy", "worn", "distressed", and "thrashed"....

They come with a really fun "prim" button... which I like to call "belly buttons™" and I am going to make a lot more "buttons" for decorating your jeans...

...AND, these jeans were designed for women AND men! yay! they've been tried and tested on both, and they are ready to go! So get a pair for your favorite guy!

I will be releasing more in this line, but for now, due to many requests... I am releasing just these first.

More to follow!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006


here is the finished collage that was made from the photos that different SL residents sent in after taking their pics in the "steve irwin" tshirts. the shirts were sold for donations from 100L to 10,000L and most people bought the 100L ones, and from all the sales, there was at last tally, over $400.00 (usd) raised for steve's "wildlife warrior" foundation. i was so touched by the im's i got from hundreds of you, and also by the creativity of the photos sent in. in this collage, there is everyone from fallingwater cellardoor, to anshe chung, and everyone in between... i love how it is comprised of a pretty well rounded representation of SL residents... from "famous" business people to cute "furries" and even "feri" the punk rock "oi boy!" ;) i'll be pulling the final kiosks out there this week, and sending in the money to "wildlife warriors"... remember steve's family in your thoughts and prayers, the hard time is just begining for them as the "hype" dies down and they go through life day to day with out him. thanks again to all who gave, sent photos and participated in celebrating this life. xoxo, caLLie

(see if you can find... elka lehane, feri bechenbaurer, celebrity trollop, isabella lazarno, kiana dulce, tami mccoy, cylindra rutabega, fallingwater, anshe, tuli asturias, rebel hope and rh engle, and some others)

i can fly

i love the magic in SL that allows us to experience things like flying and well really anything our imagination can conceive. in this photo, i was wearing amazing wings created by lynnix muse and jewels by sky everett... i pulled out my limited edition gown "top" the stand alone one, and put in on with the most worn jeans i could find, my current faves, the ones from "barerose". i love the mixing of ripped and torn jeans with a beautiful shirt... something about that look is warm, and fun and cozy to me. i sorta giggle to myself that i did a "limited" when i was so new at selling clothes, (like 2 months?) and i thought, well 100 items should be "limited enough, lol... doing the math, hahaha. well now, 5 months later or so i have a few left... which has been good for people who wanted to save up for one, and for new people just finding out i make clothes, so i guess 100 turned out to be a nice number. i'm working on a new limited, and trying to figure how many to make... comments welcome :) xoxo, caLLie

Monday, October 2, 2006


fall is in the air... summer quietly said "goodbye" while winter whispered, "here i come." as our days get shorter and sweeter, our nights will become longer, warmer. i love this time of year... i took a few pics at a wonderful place, still holding on a bit to summer, as i wore my "summer in cannes" bikini, and a lot of bling... i even dusted off my tiara from my early SL days as "princess caLLie" a title i still hold on the island of shivar... these days though, i don't hold court much, as i work more. we're building a giant new store that i can't wait to share with you all... happy fall everyone. xoxo, caLLie