Thursday, September 10, 2009

jeans... and little birds

(click to see larger image)

i have been limited on what i can do in SL until my new computer arrives so i felt like taking some photos... this is one i did, sort of an art type photo... i'll use the concept for an upcoming ad... but i love the colors and feel of it :)hope you do too!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


no need to say a word.

Monday, September 7, 2009

POSH FARMS... chickens, turtles and bunnies OH MY!

if you want a FUN hobbie... raising virtual pets is FUN... and very different. (no, boyfriends don't really count as virtual pets, but that could be argued as they do need to be fed, trained and they like to breed and well, nevermind, i'm going WAY off topic)

anyway... posh farms located in SO CAL, has an array of things from chickens, eggs, turtles, and soon bunnies.

so what makes posh farms so special? well... have you owned a pet bred from your favorite designer like katat0nik pidgeon before? or a house/chateau for your pet made by barnesworth anubis?

OR... a cute little habitat for your turtle by moo money? or..... or... or... or...

head on over to POSH FARMS and visit "chickywood" and find everything you need to start raising your OWN virtual pets! bunnywood will open soon and we have ALL things need for starting to raise virtual chickens and TURTLES!

go see what the fun is all about, after all, it's the new black you know :P



oh you will find the POSH farm booth in the courtyard where you can buy egg starter packs with 3 eggs (that hatch baby chickies) a pen and toys for 99L. AND at benedict & florentine you can find all sorts of fun pens and stuff, and you can also find "petable" and sion chicken vendors for turtle and chicken needs, like food, lol.

beautiful becca... new CC street model

introducing becca rivera, the newest caLLie cLine street model!

i used to have a STREET MODEL team comprised of mainly enthusiastic customers who had a flair for modeling, fashion and liked to wear my things.

we had a lot of fun with it, and today while in my shop this lovely girl was looking for things to accessorize a shirt and pair of pants. (from icing) we got to chatting and added a "fat belt" in black/silver and a "paisley parade" scarf, and a "cc signature bangle" (customer gift) her look really came together. we did a quick photo shoot on the spot and i asked her if she'd like to be a street model and she said "YES!!!" yay!!!

her photo will be displayed also in my store and she will have an offical  "caLLie cLine cg model" tag she can wear when she is out and about wearing my stuff (if she wants to, as there are no OMG-you-weren't-wearing-your-cc-model-tag police out there on the grid... haha)

anyway thanks becca for being the inspiration behind reinstating my cc street model team.

so how can YOU be a CC street model? well it's sorta easy. if i or one of my employees sees you in my store sporting a very cool look that's stylish, fun or "funky, flirtatious and fabulous" we'll IM you and ask you if you would like to be a street model!

OR.............. be proactive and join the CAL GAL flickr group and submit photos of you in any CC items (free or bought) that you have and label it "cc street model" and make sure you put your avatar name on your photo and we will contact you if you are selected! BTW... i proudly LOVE the fact that my customers range from "fashionistas to furries to fairies" i do NOT discriminate :)

have a great day!


fat belts come in 4 styles and about oh... 50 or more colors :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


this weekend i went to a party where we did the thriller line dance. sharon schumman is there on the left wearing "galaxy girl" and "clitter"... uh, if you've not heard of clitter, go to youtube, type it in, and watch. (it's funny but i guess some ppl may be offended) i made some for sl for FUN it's for sale at hotel dare in my CAL MART store...

speaking of stores, i just finished decorating my new little shop at the AMAZING new GLANCE sim. I LOVE THE BUILD and am SO thankful that they asked me to have a shop, it's a GREAT collection of artists/designers and the fantastic build done by babyhoney bailey is warm, inviting and like a street you'd see in a nice area like bel air but w/o that pretentious air i personally don't care for... oh clitter is available at glance too... my store there is an eclectic mix and I LOVE IT! i love mixing stuff i love together even if other people think it may not go together :) it's how i decorate my RL house and it's fun to have a shop in SL like that. i plan to have things ONLY available there, as well as CAL MART.. more on CAL MART later, lol.

so here are 2 photos! it's been a fun weekend and next week my new computer should be here and it will be back to work!

10 things.. or so

well, i've gotten a lot of positive response on my accidental "10 things" posts, no one mentioned if they noticed that one of them i only listed 5, hahaha. perhaps since i ramble on so, they just figured it was 10.

today what i've been thinking about is how good "grace and mercy" looks on those who wear it.

most of us know (well at least deep down inside) that we're not perfect, we don't always live up to our own set of ideals, or those of others. we make mistakes, have poor judgement at times, and do or say things we wish we'd not have done.

ok so what can we do when we find we have made a dreaded "mistake" and god forbid had it done publicly? AND ever more importantly how can we act when someone MAKES a mistake publicly and the ever-so-popular "herd mentality" kicks in to "crucify" the horrid "mistake maker!"

1. realize NO ONE is perfect. period. not YOU, not others NOT, me. end of story. if you live in the delusion that you are... "newsflash" everyone else knows it's not true. (well except maybe your mom or lovestruck partner)

2. realize that everyone makes mistakes they are embarrassed about! like do you REALLY think "said person" wanted to say, do, or otherwise act in a way that would have YOU, your amazing friends, and who knows who else blogging, gossiping OR passing chat around? i mean come on. i don't know of anyone who'd wish that on themselves.

3. realize that often people "react" instead of "act". this is NORMAL HUMAN BEHAVIOR. are YOU always so composed and graceful that you never make a social faux paus? doubtful huh?

4. when someone does do or say something which is "out of line" in your opinion or *gasp* that of many others resist the very tempting desire to "show them a thing or two" and let them know how BAD what they did was. (i'm sure they know)

5. if someone is doing or saying something that is an obvious mistake, why not IM them privately and say it rather than in open chat or even worse in a group chat? do you really need to let everyone else see how you "told them off". i mean is your ego that in need of validation that you need to "stop" the dreaded offender in the open?

*note the above does NOT apply to someone who is being horribly abusive or harassing, in that case it's often best to quickly and swiftly say it openly. i'm speaking of other things that happen in our "typed" world where mistakes and faux paus happen.

6. remember we're ALL in this together. we all mess up. how wonderful it feels when we do that to have someone say, "oh gosh i've done that before... i wanted to hide for days... don't think another thing about it!"

7. if the "offender" apologizes and "fesses up when they mess up" please do NOT do the "apology accepted just think next time." why? you look like a pompous snob and a mistake is JUST that. the point here is to extend a little "grace and mercy".

8. if you can, laugh it off with them. chances are the person feels so so so dumb and is gonna be thinking about this a whole lot longer than you are. demystify it and in that let them see you fully understand things like that happen.

9. be kind.

10. if need be, defend the "mistake maker" if others go after them. this can be tough but what's worse? a person who makes a social error or the tons of others who sit and do the school yard mentality of belittling them and scolding them as if they themselves have NEVER made a mistake? have the courage to stand up and say, "hey guys, let's stop this, we all blow it". if you do that not only will the "mistake maker" feel a lot better, so will a TON of other people who witness the situation as they will know you're a person who would defend them too in a similar situation.

wow! i did 10!

do i make social mistakes. uh... YES... in fact i just did one the other night... don't ask!

so extend a bit of grace this month, hell, why not all year? we need it, i need it, if you don't can you please let us all know where and how you learned to get it all togethah? i'm sure we'd all be most grateful!

'til the next 10!

the mistake making caLLie!

p.s. i spell checked this an am proud to say THANK GOD FOR SPELL CHECK i had like 17 words misspelled!

Friday, September 4, 2009

caL gaLs stop by...

i LOVE my customers. old and new, pink or blue... it's so much fun to meet them and some of my good friends in SL i met as customers.

since i've had computer issues all summer i've not gotten to do as many in store events, and a new customer who joined today was hoping to meet some of my great group so i decided to do a quick in store meet up.

i got to see a lot of new and old faces and it was GREAT!

here's a quick screen shot i took :)

love you girls! (and guys) i hope you enjoy your little gift :)



Thursday, September 3, 2009


i'm a bit reluctant at times to "buy ads" where i don't have input on the model or photography. if others do it on their own i'm fine, but when i am paying, i like to know i am going to like what is done and that's not possible.

when i agreed to be in the modivia fashion directory i was a bit unsure due to the reasons i just stated. when i say this photo, i have to say i was VERY happy. i wanted to share it with my readers as i just think they did a great job showing one of my favorite dresses, the divine double bubble.

so here it is!

this dress is available in my store in caLLiefornia upstairs in the gown section, it comes with a set of jewelry that includes earrings, a ring, and a bracelet. the jewelry has 12 gemstone options on touch so that you can customize your look by tinting the "gems" on the dress itself on the jacket layer.

i've seen some of my customers really do some interesting things with that feature :)

the dress with the jewelry set sells for 950L.

i hope you like this photo.



10 more things...

ok well yesterday's post got a lot of feedback too. since my graphics card issues are still not fixed i'm going to use this opportunity to share a bit more.

today... 10 things to try to strengthen an existing business or friendship relationship or otherwise known as "nice things to do that may cheer someone else up"

we all have days, week, years and stuff that SUCK EGGS! we can all relate to that huh? unless we live in utter denial (i try but it just does NOT work) we could all use a big of encouragement. even those we think of as uber successful, totally confident (not possible) or whatever we may think of some who seems to have it "all together" i can PROMISE YOU they do NOT and encouragement and nice things can really steer the course of someone's day in a very positive direction.

i find that VERY exciting, don't you?

ok so here are a few things we can try to just encourage each other along... i am thinking off the top of my head on this and some i do, have done or will do hopefully!

1. write your entire friends list and tell them you're thankful for them in your SL... this is FUN and OMG you will see the most interesting conversations emerge when a group of people start posting. it's a lot of fun.

2. send a little note of encouragement to a friend in SL you know is down. even a few words can really uplift someone.

3. write a Linden (pick one) and let them know you appreciate their efforts in making SL better, if you name something specific, even better!

4. visit a store of a "competitor" *gasp* and buy something you've been admiring for awhile. it's so much fun to actually SEE a REAL person who you know is a creator buy from you, and not just their alt.

5. invite a friend out for a 10 minute random tp adventure! (click on the map, go, then tp them! then let them do the same) this is one of my favorite games EVER... though once i ended up at the "diaper academy" (don't ask)

6. reach out to a friend who in your SL past was a bigger part and let them know (if it's true) that you miss them.

7. find 5 people on your list to just say HI to. (example: "hey, can't talk now but wanted to say hi and that i was thinking of you!")

8. send a few people a funny freebie. (i love the huge octopus) and name it, "the new black" must wear NOW.

9. say hello to a new person you may have recently met just to encourage them.

10. do one of those things you've been "meaning to do" when you had time. write that note, send that gift, just DO IT (sorry nike) :)

ok now since TIME is so limited, when doing anything that could turn into a long dialogue, simply state upfront, "i don't have time to talk but.. .wanted to send you this!"

i hope some of those things help you, i know i love when people take time to encourage me, i need it, daily... and anyway there ya go!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

10 more things just cuz...

well, after yesterday's post i got a lot of feedback and a few asked me to share about another issue in SL... customers!!!! this is mostly for those who have businesses but it can be applied to a lot of other areas in life.

there are a lot of varying views on the importance of customers and how to treat them, what to let them get "away" with, etc. my view is pretty strong and i've followed it since day one.

"a customer is a person who of ALL the choices they have in SL, have chosen to spend their often LIMITED lindens in YOUR store." got it?

they do NOT have to buy your things.
you are NOT their only resource.
they have MANY choices.
they can LIVE without your item. (even if they think they can't)
there are many who do what you do better.
they have MANY choices.
they do NOT owe you anything, not even respect.
YOU are providing THEM something.
you don't have to like them and they don't have to like you.
they have MANY choices!
you can act how you want even if they don't like it.
NO ONE can make YOU do anything.

ok so now that i've listed what i believe are a few absolutes... let's get down to how i see customer service.

from when i first joined SL i realized there were many choices, i even put a coupon in EACH item saying 'thank you for your purchase, i know you have many choices' i was thankful someone would part with 499L on a dress i made. like thrilled.

so ok, people don't get things, people don't like things, people want to return things, people write to ask you what hair is on your ad, and some people even want you to pick their hair and skin to go with their item the got from you. it can be overwhelming at times.

ok for the most part i don't have nightmare customers. i never have. maybe one or two who were very angry about something, and i "think" in every case (unless they changed their minds) their issues were resolved to their satifaction, and then some.

i've had people yell, demand, insult, etc. and i do NOT get upset. i don't mute, ban or eject. i don't feel slighted. i don't get in a huff. i don't complain about them to everyone and do the "woe is me" designer thing.


well a few reasons.

1. if someone is upset, they are going to act upset. it has nothing to do with me. they are upset and most likely venting. so let them vent, get it out of their system, let them type away w/o defending or demanding they "speak to you with respect"... i mean really, they are upset so just let them cool off.

2. they may feel totally justified in their rant, and actually they may have every right to be upset... so why get all upset yourself?

3. it's NOT that big of a deal. what is a big deal is how YOU handle it.

4. if you realize their value as a person and customer, how YOU choose to respond will be the key.

5. ACT do NOT react to an angry customer. (the difference is "action" is what you do independent of their behavior. "reaction" is what you do cuz "they made you do it!)

ok so... what am i trying to say.

realize that when someone is upset, they WANT to let you know. so let them know you know and you are comitted to doing everything you can to make it right. let them know early on 'i care about this issue and want you to know that i will do all i can to make sure you are VERY happy'. believe me this stops MOST people immediately. like WAIT, she WANTS to HELP ME? and i just called her a *&$#$#$*#( @#(*#(&$#*!!! wow!

personally i replace, resend, trans or no trans items and i usually throw in a few free things. my goal is TO KEEP THE CUSTOMER AND TURN THEIR NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE INTO A POSITIVE ONE.

i am often really appalled by some merchants who think their customers owe them all this respect and to speak to them like they are god's gift to the design world. news flash YOU'RE NOT!! neither am i, we're just parts of a greater community. not one of us is so AMAZING we should be treated like we're some sort of deity. save that for your role playing, hahaha.

if you WIN over an angry customer, in my experience you have a customer for life. if you LOSE one, they will make DAMN sure they tell EVERYONE they know. and again. YOU are not their only choice.

i personally LOVE to win over an angry person. i'm sorta weird that way. i try to see why they are so upset. and i love when we can resolve it.

again i don't get too many angry people maybe due to the fact i try to defuse it at the beginning by letting them know i am committed to making them happy.

do people take advantage of this? maybe. often? nope. usually i have people saying, "oh not this is too much, this will be fine".

when you really think of it, no one can "disrespect you" really. not unless you take angry people's words as some sort of huge offense. angry people yell. don't let it surprise you. i wish i had the maturity to always handle myself with composure when i am angry, but alas, i don't.

i have banned ONE person. i was happy to do it after many warnings. why? he was annoying MY customers over and over and i felt NO guilt, and it was the easiest time i hit "ban this avatar". of course he yelled at me but that is ONE thing i won't tolerate is hurting my customers. i value them and each time they step in my shop, i am thankful. i know there are about a bazillion infinity other places they could be shopping at.

that for me keeps things in perspective.

hope this bit of info helps.



p.s. excuse any typos. i just typed this very fast :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10 things i do... cuz i just do... and get asked a lot, so i'm sharing it with you.

i get asked a LOT about z DRAMA in SL fashion and thankfully, i don't really encounter too much of it. yes there are seasons where i do have a bit, but that pretty much goes with the territory of knowing people in ANY life.

i "try" to always believe the "best" in people, and that helps a lot as i'm not too suspicious of people who speak to me or whatever. i guess ignorance is bliss at times.

on those "rare" occasions where a really good "wolf in sheeps clothing" comes on the scene, i'm usually the last to figure it out... and well when i do, i'm sorta shocked. like i said, i tend to believe the best in people and choose to live that way. the very FEW who are real pieces of work are WAY less than the genuinely cool people i get to meet with and work with everyday.

ok so what are things i do when meeting people and stuff and then finding out someone has some MAJOR character issues...

1. believe the best. if you do, you see the best, and often get the best.

2. give freely and encourage ppl. why? it feels good, makes you and the person happy and honestly, what you give you get.

3. remember everyone has demons they deal with, often "weird" behavior is just that. don't see every weird thing as a huge major issue that has anything to do with you.

4. trust until someone proves untrustworthy. (this is hard, but often you can see signs at the beginning that will play themselves out) DON'T let past experiences ruin the possibilities that exists with new person you meet. you may miss out on a great person.

5. if others mistake your kindness as weakness, that's ok. you don't need to PROVE to someone you have strength by being as childish as they may be.

6. decide what YOUR principles are for doing business (or relationships), and stick to those. (you won't always make your ideal) it's really important to know where you want to be and why.

7. when a person proves to be NOT what they have claimed. GO TO THEM FIRST. don't blog it, gossip, (venting to a close friend is different), ban them, etc. have the courage to personally contact them. they may not like it but it's a great opportunity to work things out. also if it fails, you can know you gave them the chance to fix what they did. when it does work out, which is often most of the time, the person and you will now have a better understanding of each other and often the best friendships withstand these human instances.

8. if a DRAMA issue does NOT work when you have gone to the person... just put your head back to YOUR goals and move on. don't worry about revenge, and all that, believe me, in EVERY instance, you will see them do the SAME thing over and over and remember "if they do it to you, they do it to others"... eventually most people find out. you don't need to ruin your time or energy on their nonsense. (this isn't always easy so perhaps find a friend that can keep you on course.)

(now if this is something illegal in SL business, etc. just AR them, don't tell them, just do it.)

9. stay close to those with GOOD reputations. people earned good reps for a reason. people earned bad ones too. also, look at the person who "gives you their opinion" on someone else... are they 'QUICK' to gossip? well guess what, "if they do it to others.. they ARE doing it about you too"

10. keep being the BEST you can be. if you MESS UP, FESS up! own it, make sincere apologies. NO ONE is perfect. we all know that. it takes a lot of courage to say "you know i messed up big time, will you forgive me for that? i was so wrong" it takes none to say "oh sorry... i mean... uh... yeah sorry... this is the reason......" in other words... do JUDGE someone on HOW they handle their mistakes. that will tell you a WHOLE lot more about a person than how they may flatter or put their best foot forward.

ok so you asked, and there ya go.



p.s. yeah my computer issues are still not fixed but tis ok!