Monday, February 25, 2008

animal tested & animals shot??? huh?

introducing the first caLLie cLine furry or furrie model, 'shelly soothsayer!'

SL is a rich and diverse community full of all kinds of unique avatars. I absolutely LOVE meeting customers of all walks of SLife, and 'furries' are NO exception. i really don't know much about the furrie community as a whole, but every customer i've met as always been fun and many have a really great fashion sense... i've seen some amazing outfits on them, and have really admired the creativity i've seen from that part of our community.

last week i met a really sweet furrie girl, "shelly soothsayer" i loved the colors of her avatar, and she inquired about some boots and how she might be able to "fit her paw" into them.

she put on a few pieces of some of my older things and as we spoke i was so taken by her avatar (she has this amazing set of wings and this really wild tail) that i asked, "can i shoot you?" and she said, "yes!"

of course i meant a 'photo shoot' and she was a great model... we spent just a bit of time together but in chatting, i was just really inspired by the really wild things she wore... it's great to meet people in SL with such creative avatars, and i'm quite honored in fact that furries, fairies, elves and aliens come to my shop and find things they like... who woulda thunk it?

i hope i meet more furries to shoot really soon, and if you're a furrie who wants to be "shot" send me a photo with your name, looking your VERY best ;)



p.s. NO animals were harmed in the posting of this post and caLLie cLine, nor her affiliates in anyway endorse or support cruelty to any real animals, or furries.

what shelly is wearing:

cc signature monogram boots
a mix up of "cc" leather & stud" pants
skullicious "roses" top over "red hottie" corset
cc "tied up leather" gloves.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

weLcome Elle Alison

it's my great pleasure to introduce Elle Alison to you all. Elle will be doing a lot of posting on my blog starting after this post!!! She's a great girl, and adding her to this blog's team will allow me to focus more time on all of of the exciting things i'm working on.

i will still post as well, but Elle will take the responsibility of new release updates, new things going on, and stuff like that. i've been so busy lately in SL and RL that i just am running out of time to keep up with everything!

here's a quick list of things going on now:

• "the LOOK" fashion/tv show to being airing in march
• sim under construction!!! (yikes what a mess!! please wear a hard hat when visiting)
• some RL/SL stuff in the works
• other fun tidbits
• working on getting out things made, in the works or in my brain!!!

and of course more than you care to know about! hahaha.

it's all good, so with that, i say... "weLcome eLLe" (oops she insists on Elle).

btw, keep your eyes out for ways to be involved with "the LOOK"... news coming soon.



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

aLways Love - love in a few languages... colorable shirts & jeans

i made these shirts a while ago, but decided now would be a good time to put them out... also a pair of matching jeans... well they sorta match.

the jeans come with a free fat belt, and so do the shirts. the shirts are colorable so you can tint them any color (as shown)

i was all happy that i got these ready and then my DEAR friend frolic told me i spelled "love" wrong on the spanish one, :( i spelled it in italian, so i took that one down, but then i thought i'm 1/2 spanish an 1/2 italian in RL so........... maybe ill put it back out, hahahaha

anyway, not a big HUGE release or anything, just a little fun one.

i'm working really hard on the tv show, rebuilding the new store, and working away on new designs and old, hahaha, and so much more... i've been behind in my blogging and stuff, but i was in this really cool new book, "i, avatar" and i still need to blog the pages from marie claire and i just found out i was in a new magazine too!!!! so that i need to blog as well...

busy, working hard, but having a blast.... hope you all have a great week, and more updates soon!!!



::other stuff::

photo one:
hat/hair: Celestial studios,
skirt: "skinny minny" - caLLie cLine
socks: vintage torrid wear
shoes: mk sneakers
skin: nevermore
eyes: caLidescope eyes - hearts - caLLie cLine
light: "fLawLess" caLLie cLine

jean photo:
hair: Naughty Designs "party girl 3"
skin: nevermore custom
shoes: armidi (i love these shoes!!! i have some almost like them in RL)
bracelet: "fat bead bracelet" caLLie cLine
light: "fLawLess" caLLie cLine
belt: fat belt (comes free with jeans)
eyes: caLidescope eyes - hearts - caLLie cLine

Friday, February 8, 2008

"the LOOK", tv show to debut in March...

it's been a long time in the works, and i'm happy to say that after almost a year of talks, i have a tv show is going to be going live in march!

it will be a fun format including fashion, models, lifestyle, and hopefully a lot of fun for all involved.

it's really exciting to be able to share this bit of news with you all. a more formal "press release" will be going out as well, with more details and also info on how you can be a part. there are lots of ways...

1. studio audience member
2. featured designer
3. sponsor
4. other!!!!

the people at "SLCN" who i've been working with are just wonderful, including "starr sonic" who will be very featured in our first show, hehehe. she's one of the reasons i'm doing this anyway, so....

stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks... :)



heart filled eyes... "caLidescope eyes"

eyes with hearts!!!

these aren't "new" per say, but they are new to most ppl as when i released them, SL was like millions of users smaller... anwyay for valentine's day these are sorta cute... in my shop on the right wall under the sign that says, "accessories".


xoxo, caLLie

"sLinky dancer" new runway series release... (comes in pink & red too)

new little dress in time for valentine's day... comes in 6 colors.. including pink and red!!!

in my main shop... in caLLiefornia. enjoy!!! xoxoxo, caLLie

Friday, February 1, 2008

"skinny minny" tintable mini skirts

some new fun simple mini skirts. flexi, fit well (hooked to a belt like part and NO between your body and the belt) and come in 7 prints so far with a pair of "system" colorable pants so you can tint the color to match your skirt. I decided to go with system pants anyone can make because some of my customers who tried these liked to wear them really low, and others higher. so this lets you move the waist up or down and legs too.

they are a "basic" type skirt for your wardrobe, flexi, pleated and you can mod them as needed. they come 2 in a pack, (one is the ad color, one is in Black and white) are copy/mod. and priced at just $123L

available on the back wall of my shop in calliefornia (top of my pics!) enjoy! xoxo, caLLie

other items worn:

skin: custom "hybrid 2" by nevermore studios
shoes: armidi
hat: ::69::
spotted rainbowa: caLLie cLine
face light: "fLawLess face" caLLie cLine
hair: etd (lydia)
eyes: "caLidescope eyes" caLLie cLine