Sunday, June 24, 2007

the beauty of silent sparrow

i had the immense honor to model in the silent sparrow show held on ASpiRE isle on saturday. to say i was thrilleld is an understatement. one can just feel the love, creativity, and feeling that Hyasynth Tiramisu puts into her creations and being intrusted to show those on a stage was an honor and SCARY!!!!

all the models looked so gorgeous in these clothes, it reminded me of opening up a treasure chest old and weathered and finding inside, ancient raw sparkling gemstones from emeralds to rubies, aquamarines to amethysts... the colors she showed were splendid... i felt like a princess in one outfit, and and indescibable feeling in the other.

here are some shots to share with you all

first the lovely and talented Hyasynth Tiramisu:

some of the models in our first run outfits:

the finale with hyasynth saying a touching ty to everyone and inviting them to a party at her new sim

a back stage photo i took with the amazingly talented and kind, hyasynth

a photo i shot of me in her "batty outfit" showing the lovely neclace by lucas lamenth of earthtones

and the most adorable outfit you must see it, this photo does not do it justice! the hat is amazing as well as the boots...

i had a wonderful experience, and the crowd seemed to love her things. i know i sure did!

hyasynth, i wish you all the best and thank you for all the love you pour into your work and sharing it with us.



Friday, June 22, 2007

a fun modeling job in a RL magazine!!!

gosh i'm so excited to share all this i don't know where to even start. since i tend to be long winded, i'll just try and get to the point!!!

this photo appears in the new maxim magazine, about 3 pages in, and it's a double page spread... ok so why am i excited?

• I GOT TO TAKE THE PHOTO!!! which was no easy task... but a fun challenge to deliver their vision for the virtual dealership and it a lot of fun and experimentation.
• I GOT TO ASK MY FRIENDS TO BE IN IT!!! which was not easy either, but fun!

ok i'll drink my decaf now and say, this is cool because i never thought i'd get the honor of working with the amazing folks who run pontiac's motorati island and when i started with my 'motorati' girls venture months ago, i never dreamed it would lead to these sorts of things. it's rewarding in a lot of ways, from caLLie doing more modeling, to being able as a graphic artist, stretch my skill set in this whole new crazy world we call SL. it's really been fun.

i know there has been much controversy about BIG BIZ coming into SL, but i have the utmost respect for the WAY pontiac has done it, and what is that? letting the "community" build it... and if you have NOT visitied, it's a great place to explore, race cars, dance, ride go carts and even more!!! but more on that later ;)

ok so, i want to take this time to credit everyone who worked so hard to make this photo happen and what we're wearing of course!!!

ok in the front we have "mOtOrati girL" & designer and my SL sister, kiana dulce in a "motorati girls" outfit, made by me, except for the skirt that ki made, (cute ki!) and she's also wearing GurL 6 hair, "paige", hybid 2 skin, caLLie cLine signature boots, and the very cool artielleri racing bracelets... i think that's all! (oh and socks by image reflections! mine she borrowed, hehe)

next to her is, "mOtOrati girL" and ASpiRE! CEO, bianca darling in a "motorati girls" outfit, by me, hybrid 2 skin, custom made "motorati necklace" by elexor matador, calla narcissis hair, and cc signature boots.

then behind them we have new SL model & caffeine au go-go club owner & awesome dj shane hornet. he's wearing hair by tami mccoy, skin by lost, mainLine men's black jeans and a mainLine tshirt.

moving over to the right we have feri beckenbaurer and his friend and i have no clue what they are wearing but they look cool! (i'm sure feri is wearing his famous "oi" boots) haha

then in the air, my friend 'in kenzo' in her crazy green flying outfit, i have no clue who made it! (she probably did!)

oh the boy on the steps is "grease monkey" he's an avatar you can choose on the motorati sim, hehe, it's me under there tho, but don't tell, hahaha

ok that leaves my photo! i'm wearing a custom hybrid 2 skin by santana lumiere of nevermore studios, and my GurL 6 "STAR" hair in a darker color than in the "hot 100" photo, caLLie cLine signature jewelry, a "motorati" tube top, my signature boots, and a cool belt from a place i can't remember :( as well as an old lollypop black skirt by tuli asturias, and my favorite socks from image reflections, i think my belly ring is the xoxo set from elexor matador, and my earrings are from my signature line too. oh i have on custom eyes i made and lynnix lashes!

im sitting on the pontiac solstic GXP car, and it's a great car in RL and SL, in SL it is color changeable and sells for like 600L, in RL it's FASTER than a porsche boxter! (something i recently learned!)

well anyway, the tours started yesterday and were a lot of fun! some caL gaLs joined the 6pm tours and we had a blast but i'll do a seperate tour post.

thanks again to everyone, i had so much fun on this little project and i hope do many more...

you can find out more about the tours on they even made me a lil web portal thingy ma bob, it's funny....

ok, well hope to see you all on a tour! but i'll write more about those later cuz i've written quite a bit already.



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

modeling, maxim, motorati and ASPIRE!!!

since biance announced this, lol... i guess i should too!

long time ago, when i joined SL, i started as a photographer... it was fun... then i was asked to model a few times for people before i began doing clothing, and then after i had fun modeling for other people too... kiana dulce was the first designer i modeled for and emma gilmore, long time ago (of sand and surf shack co) had me do a bit of modeling, and i have always liked having other people let me model their things...

doing most of my own modeling for my clothing, it's on the rare occasion i get to model for others and in the last few months each time i have had that opportunity... I HAVE LOVED IT!!! so after doing the maxim shoot, some modeling for ciera of vitamin c, doing the loreal pagent, and some other stuff I HAD SUCH A BLAST, i wanted to do more!!! it was a lot of fun and more "play" than work, (though it IS work!!!)

so i'm happy to announce that i have signed on with "Aspire" as a MODEL!!! yay!

i remember picking up their first issue, and getting chills after opening the first page and reading about their vision and seeing the passion that was so obviously poured into that first issue... never in a zillion years, did i think i would be given the honor to carry the "aspire" name!!! i'm so excited..

so what does it mean??? well, i'm not that sure, hahaha, well i'm a bit sure of a few things!!! bianca has to pay me big bucks and give me a limo and take me on exotic vacations, hahahah, and uh... stuff like that..


really it means i will be joining a team of wonderful women, led by the amazing bianca darling and trina nolan, and get to sort of "legitimize" a relationship that's slowly evolved... i love what aspire does, from the magazine to the fashion shows to the great events, i've never met such a dedicated group of women... and they are a heck of a lot of fun.

so i'm quite honored and humbled to be added to the team of talented ladies, and i can't WAIT to wear and model some amazing clothes made by my fellow designers whether it be in shows or print, i'm just thrilled to have this opportunity!

thanks bianca, trina, and the rest of the team!!!



p.s. here's a recent photo bianca, ally and i did for an up and coming project!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

crazy • busy • fun • frantic • sunshine!

just a quick update... it's been a very crazy few weeks, gearing up for an exciting project which goes live on wednesday, opening tomboy, getting the home store ready to open, the "caffeine au go-go" club ready for some fun events, and a dozen other things... i think somewhere in all this i need a 3rd life!

i just wanted to give you a quick update... there will be some really exciting things i'll be announcing in the next few days, (unless someone else does first) and i just wanted to let you all know!

a few promotions have been delayed, but they WILL be happening in the VERY near future!!! thanks to all of you who have been so patient!!!! (f.a.)

i'm excited about all the cool opportunities that have come my way, the great people i've had the honor of collaborating with, and of course my always wonderful customers who really seem like a big group of friends.

summer starts in just 3 days!!! can you all believe it???

take some time to "soak up some sun", "let the sunshine in", and be the "sunshine" of someone's life.... and of course, have a "good day sunshine" too... and remember "sunshine on your shoulders makes you happy"... ok, now you can see i am officially "goofy" and i'll stop before i start singing "sunshine day" by the brady bunch...

oh i think i'll go for a walk outside now.... (opps too late)



Friday, June 15, 2007

::tOmbOy:: open now!


scout, (pictured above) asked me to announce this, well actually she threated me, she's quite a pistol, but the point is, she and skye have now opened their "fort" and are selling the "stuff" that they made. well actually, tuli asturias and i helped them, as well as jackal ennui and six kennedy, but now they've shoved us out, and have taken over the place. they will even have their own blog.

it's a fun place, more than shopping, you can chill in their little house, swing, swim, ride magic dolphins, and just let your hair down. get dirty, have fun, and check out their stuff.... it's pretty cool actually!!!

i'll post more photos for scout and skye later, this is the only one i had on my laptop, hope scout doesn't get mad. she's a real stinker at times, should you meet her, uh, look out!!! skye is a nice balance for scout, so if you see her, you have nothing to worry about... she can pretty much keep scout in line.


Monday, June 11, 2007

fashion show fun!

this weekend 3 of my things were shown in a fashion show done by carl crabe, and i got to sneak back stage and take a photo with the models.


here are the photos... it's bianca darling, in "sharona", lyra blackthorne in "st. tropez" in teaL, and iris seale in "a yet un named outfit"...

the gals did great, as did everyone in the show, all the designers present showed some cool stuff including lots of sculptie things!! but for me they rez like big rock crystals, so i didn't take photos...

ok here are the pretty girlz!!!



Friday, June 8, 2007

buBbLes • bOOts • bathing suits • and bits of info!!!

hi quick post... here is new stuff out in my new shop on sim "caLLiefornia"... since search wasn't working, and all that sorry to all of you who didn't have landmarks... it's in the top of my PICKS, and i think some ppl could get there from the map!!!

ok first a quick list:

1. the v-tech monies have all come in, i'm gonna total that up and give it next week, i'll keep you posted. (due to a loss of 6k items in my inventory :( i don't have many photos for the collage, so i won't be doing that unless my stuff comes back, i SO hope it does.

2. the "ruth" shirt contest winners will be announced still, IF their photos are in my inventory, (those went in a diff folder)

3. i've lost most all note cards, so if you sent an important one, please do again!!!

ok for the new stuff out now... my signature monogram boots which are hot, stylish and i love them!!! they were crafted by the talented livie galileo and we worked HARD to get the just right... i love how they turned out... they come in 2 heights, high, (shown) and a bit lower, for smaller avs or a different look. i like to wear both, more boots coming soon!

my signature swimsuit ensemble that comes with the hat and flexi scarf (jewelry sold seperately) i made this in a bunch of colors that were requested :) this was from the i village show way back when, and now just in time for summer fun! it's a bit on the "cruise" side of swimwear, and looks smashing out by the pool or on that cool new cruise ship! comes with a wide brimmed hat to protect your delicate skin, lol.

and finally the BUBBLE is finally out in more colors than orignally planned mostly due to tons of requests... i even made a wild and crazy max pack for those of you who want to tint the bubble to your hearts delight! i made a snowcone looking one, and it was funny. they match shiny things dare shoes and lola's and will be in her shop as well!!!


that's all for now... more to come next week including more "caLidescope eyes", some fun little dresses, some summer short outfits, and who knows what else!!! oh ya, shoes, and jewelry too, and... just more stuff!!!

it's been fun to see so many of you at the shop, again sorry for the tp troubles... oh and tomboy is ready to open, so look for that next week!!!




Wednesday, June 6, 2007

yay!!! caLLiefornia finally opens!!!

wow, what a ride!!! but we're finally open!!! the "READY-OR-NOT" opening proved to be the perfect name cuz... well we weren't as ready as we'd hoped and we opened!!!

didn't seem to matter much tho, as kiana and i had a GREAT time dancing on the roofs with our customers, friends, new friends, colleagues, and i don't think any enemies as we had no griefing, hahaha.

seriously, we had such a great time, it was so so so so so so (infinity) wonderful to party and dance with the best looking bunch of people i've seen in SL and some of the most fun and nicest too!

these girls (and a few guys) love to dance and have fun!

it was great to have ppl drop by to say hi who had other event going that day, it meant a LOT to us... after reading how many events were going on, i thought, "oh no ki, we picked the worst day to open!!!" so to those of you who left your own events to say hello, THANK YOU SO MUCH! i had a very nice surprise when my pretty much all time favorite artist "santana lumiere" of nevermore studios stopped by!!! (she is known mostly for her amazing skins which i wear 99.99999% of the time, even for my Maxim photo, and she also makes killler boots, clothing, eyes, FURNITURE! omg this girl can make ANYTHING..) and i really just admire her in many ways so that was so cool for me!!! and we took a photo together!!! which was NO easy feat! mostly cuz i couldn't stop my dance animation.

even tho tomboy was ready... we found a last minute BUGGY BUG the night before, so boo hoo, this is what was up... (thank god ally geer came the night before an bought out the place and then told us... uh, this isn't working... and we discovered a bad, bad, bad, nasty mean bugger)

but really, this opening wasn't about shopping but celebrating with friends, customers and just wanting to hang out and have fun... and WE DID!

thanks again to all who came and i hope to see you soon... oh on the sim now are officially (not all open yet)

caLLie cLine (main store)
::home:: by caLLie cLine
mainLine (for men)
caffeine au go-go (our rock/punk/whatever dance club and hang out)
maLiboo cove (a little beach cover with bunglos)
hatchie heaven (clothing for little dragons)
and a big old courtyard with furniture to hang out in, and birds to watch...

and... MORE coming soon!