Friday, February 22, 2013

The Bugs & The Bees, MegaPuss, 2 years, One Billion, & more!

Wow... what a crazy month so far!!! KittyCatS! turned two... and the party is still going on at our birthday sim, where you can RIDE a  MegaPuss, (rideable cat), get a FREE birthday Kitty with CAKE food :), and dance, ride a bull, see an indian village and more! (the free Bday cats are available until the end of the month)

What is a MegaPuss??? It's a KittyCatS you can RIDE and also have a friend ride on back!!! Tinies can even ride them!! (see photo) Our community has gone wild over these, and i'm sure you can guess they've had fun with the name as well :/

We had a 5 hour party and it was a blast...
The Team was wanted... for various reasons...

We also released our adorable "Bugs & Bees" collection. To celebrate LOVE and all things buzzin' and stuff. These are available until the end of the month!

The Lover, The Poet, The Diva, The Artist & The Writer

 BlueBeeDoobie, PeachyKeen, Rainbo Sherbet, PinkPassion & MellowYellow

We also had some fun with Mardi Gras... where our community had a chance at a surprise mardi gras Kitty! That was tons of fun too!

I've been so busy, not had any time for designing out side of KittyCatS! but I did manage to get some Mesh hair to finally work!! (thank to old Gurl Six bangs) and I got a new skin... so that was my other big news! :P Thanks to Barely Texan who MADE me buy the skin and eyes. (ok he really didn't make me... i made the choice and i only had to tweak my face for about 10 minutes to get it to work!)

yay new skin & hair and eyes!
I was also honored to be a sponsor for one billion rising, an amazing event that lasted 24 hours to raise awareness about violence towards women world wide...  KittyCatS! was also a proud sponsor too. I'm constantly amazed at the work and creative ways SL supports RL causes.

Well, I have more news for this month but not anymore time to blog so it will come later! It's already a great year and gonna get "bettah", "bettah", "bettah"...