Tuesday, June 21, 2011

mAgiC 8 - hApPy biRtHdAy sEcOnD LifE !!!

in honor of SL8B (the 2 week long second life birthday party) KittyCatS! has made a special  "Magic Birthday Cat" that we are giving out as a gift to all of SL.

The Collectors KittyCat comes with food (that looks like a birthday cake with 8 candles on it) is born from a Magician's Hat, and also comes with a little hat, cape and magic wand that your cat can wear when it grows up.

2 Birthday Kitties celebrate SL's 8th birthday!

The cat is available on the SL8B Astonish Sim, on the left hand front side of our exhibit where it says "click this hat to get your cat"

Happy Birthday to you all, the people who make Second Life the place of Magic and wonder that it is, may you have many more!