Saturday, May 3, 2008


hi... yes caLLie is alive and well... she's been extra busy redoing her new shop... and a ton of other stuff.

some cool things are in the works which will be announced VERY soon!!! like this week???

with the current SL bugs, borks and issues, she's been redoing a lot of work and tending to non received items, etc... as well as having lots of meetings, RL stuff and working on the shop and on and on... like many of you!!!

she is working in a little fun on the side, able to attend model jonny tobias bd party which was a blast...

anyway just an update... she's got lots of new clothes done, other stuff, and when the new shop opens.. it will all be there!

kiana is redoing her build too, so it will be a double party!!! now caLLiefornia is a slight mess, but if you catch caLLie there, say hello... :)

she sends her love and well wishes...

so for miss CC... i sign off now!