Thursday, November 29, 2007

cRazzzzzzzzzzy cHristMAs shoPPer!!! 55L

this little outfit is 55L for my group members... it's part of my SHOP TIL YOU DROP outfits and this one was inspired by the fun i had doing HOLIDAY overkill!!!

it comes with everything you see but the boots (available in my shop) and the cute hair (by panache)

my caL gaLs have loved it so far!!! and so i wanted to share with you all!

go cRAZY!!!



Wednesday, November 28, 2007

party packs by popular request!!!

OK, here they are... party packs... 48 pieces in all! have fun!!! xoxo, caLLie

Monday, November 26, 2007

HAPPY HEAD REINDEER ANTLER THINGIES!!! with free bling version and nose!

i had something like this last year and couldn't find them, so i decided to make some, i hope you like!!! you can change the ball colors in mod, and there is even a bling pair for you or a friend. personally it's MY fave ;)

oh ya, and my CHIRSTMAS TREE LOT is open!!! caLLiefornia grown!!! colorable and sizeable, even a black and red one for you rocker types... and i grew 'em all by myself!!!



oh, p.s. it's all snowy now at the shop and ice skating is available, and we will start to mix in some holiday tunes too!!! feel free to use anytime!!! skate vendor there or bring your own!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!! more mix-n-mashups™

i had SO MUCH FUN doing these mash ups... i thought of so many of my customers and their shopping habits, my shopping habits (over the years) and i think i'm reflected in each of these outfits... of course some were when i was in my late teens, but nevertheless, they were a blast to put together, mixed up with old and new, and i hope you find one of them suits you!!!


first our more conservative shopper... wants to keep warm, look stylish, but goes with the "less is more" philosophy...

our next girl is a sexy shopper that's SERIOUS about shopping!!! get out of her way!!!

our next "sexy shopper" has most everything BUT shopping on her mind... she's the one who while you walk through the mall is like "ooh did you see him?" well she may have a bit of makeup in mind and of course JUNK FOOD, and maybe CD's and socializing.

our next shopper is the one who's there to shop, but breaks it up with stops for coffee, then more shopping, then more coffee, then shopping, then a chat with her friend by a fountain perhaps, a bit of people watching, more shopping, and makes a day of it. (this is most like me and my best friend when we shop in RL)

our last shopper is a bargain hunter and loves those sales and blue light specials!!! she also likes to look stylish and sasy.

i hope you find 'your' shopper, and if you're anything like my caL gaLs who got notice of these earlier, you maybe, like me, more than one type of shopper!!! i might do more "shopping" inspired outfits this weekend... but that's all for now..

oh btw, each sells for 199L, such a deal!!! and comes with all items listed!



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

a miLLion thanks...

i saw this on tv and thought it was really cool... you can text for free a message to the troops wishing them happy holidays, or happy thanksgiving and letting them know you're thinking of them. it's free from most every phone carrier.. i've sent my message, their goal is 1 million messages... let's help them reach it!!!



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ELLE magazine article - Turkiye (Turkey)

i was interviewed for ELLE magazine a few months ago, which i found to be quite an amazing experience. the journalist who interviewed me was very interested in SL fashion and her knowledge of the fashion world in and out of SL was very impressive. her questions were thought provoking and it was a total pleasure to work with her and supply her information as she put this article together.

when i received the pages, it was very cool to look at it, and in the middle of a language i couldn't understand, read names like, Sue Stonebender, Maddie Camus, Kiana Dulce & Shane Hornet. So i could understand a "tiny" bit.

i learned a lot about turkey as a country from my talks with her, and of course, which confirmed my belief that i know very little... and there's so much to learn!!!

for example, i learned that worldwide, ELLE turkey is the 5th largest in the ELLE family. i also learned that "Turkey" is really "Turkiye".

the interview left me with a strong desire to visit the county, and i know one day i will. if my experience with the journalist is any indication of the people, i may go and never come back!

one of my FAVE actresses was on the cover so that made it a special treat. i fell in love with reese when she was in "man in the moon" (still my fave of all her movies) she was a tomboy girl who feel deeply in love... and i still love that movie to this day!



Thursday, November 15, 2007

new jeans and snuglie buglies... nice and warm!!!

here's a few new things... the snuglie buglies come in 10 colors with 2 lengths per color, short and long...

next are some jeans with an asian flair... they fit great, make your bum look nice, and are really soft too... in 6 colors... :)

top of my pics, and available in my main shop...



p.s. jeans on the left in the "pants" section, snuglie buglies on the right in the accessories section!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

12 avatar caLender out now... FREE!!!

the 12avatar calender is now out in both RL and SL versions. The SL version is cool and usuable now, it shows you what date you're on, is interactive and has functions in like event reminders and stuff.

you can go to my shop, (top of my picks) and tp to touch the kiosk to have your FREE calendar delivered to you!!

this is my photo in the calendar. i'm "december" and am wearing an unreleased dress (to be released soon) sitting on the lovely new "evangeline" vanity, built by sue stonebender (wait til you see it!!! it's simply gorgeous) and wearing jewelry by sue stonebender as well. (oh my skin is HYBRID 2 by nevermore studios, 'custom' and my hair is from armidi, but i modded it a LOT for my odd head, and it give it a bit of a different look.)

(click to see large version)

i had a really stressful time, deciding what to wear, how to be "december" w/o being an elf or sexy ms. santa, lol, and thanks to torrid midnight & bianca darling, who really helped me at the last minute as i vacillated on what to wear, (mostly what hair and skin)... their input really was helpful, i tend to second guess myself a LOT so i was wearing some 'typical' hair i always wear, and they encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. especially bianca who said... "get ON the vanity!" lol... anyway, thanks girls and whoever else helped... i can't remember right now!

oh, btw, the most fun was after shooting the photo, putting it all together in PS, and stuff, i LOVED that part!!! especially the mirror reflection.

anyway, drop by and get your copy soon!



Friday, November 9, 2007

let it snow, let it snow!!!

for all you early winter decorators, i've put out my snowflakes!!!

they are copy/mod, come individually or in a pack... the rotate slowly and sparkle lightly and are really pretty!

can you believe winter is almost here???

happy decorating!!!



oh btw, for extra fun, make them all sizes and add some "light" to them, to do that, "edit linked parts" go in features and check "light" then add a color light you want" then make it midnight, and it's really gorgeous!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

new yummy flexi, fluffy spotted "rainbowas™" and a newspaper girl...

i put together another "mash up" today called "newspaper girl" cuz it reminded me of what i might wear to go out for coffee, sit and read a newspaper, or a book, or magazine, but cuz of the black & white, i named it newspaper. (i really probably wouldn't read the newspaper cuz i hate getting black ink on my fingers and they are very big and hard to manage for me, so there ya go...)

hope you like the outfit though! it's on the left of my shop right when you walk in the door and priced at only $199!!! (hat, skirt, knit sweater, collar, fat belt, and glitch pants)

then i made a TON OF NEW SPOTTED RAINBOWAS™.... here are a few of the colors... there's like 30 in all, but just a dozen out now... they really look smashing on, and feel warm and cozy.

hope you're having a great week...



Monday, November 5, 2007

keeping warm & looking cool... or HOT!!!

hey all!!!

got a new "mix-n-mashup™" out today with a new long sweater and not before released jeans. it's only $199 and comes with jeans, fur flexi belt, fur collar and cuffs and long a long knit cozy sweater.

next up is a mini coat, lots of options with the various layers, attachments, and stuff. hope you like it!!! thanks to "uber model" ally geer for modeling it so beautifully for me!!! below is the vendor ad and ally's poster!!!

available in my main shop... in the front... (top of my pics) or search "caLLie cLine" in places.

happy monday!!!



p.s. fun news coming up tomorrow!!!!